The Odyssey Books 9-12 Comprehension Check (Quiz 2/9/18)

How does Odysseus introduce himself to the Phaeacians? He tells them that he is Odysseus Laertiades, a name well known in the world as one who is ready for any event. He tells them his home is Ithaca, that bright conspicuous isle, with Mount Neriton rising clear…
Describe how Odysseus rescued his men from the Lotus Eaters. He brought them back to the ships by main force, grumbling and complaining, and when he had them there, tied them up and stowed them under the benches. Then he ordered the rest to hurry up and get aboard, for he did not want them to have a taste of lotus and say good-bye to home.
What kind of social life do the Cyclopes have? These Cyclopians have no parliament for debates and no laws, but they live on high mountains in hollow caves; each one lays down the law for wife and children, and no one cares for his neighbours.
Why did Odysseus ignore the crew’s suggestion? He wanted to see the cyclops and claim the stranger’s gift. (curiosity)
What will be Polyphemus’s gift to Odysseus? Noman (Odysseus) was to be the last eaten of his company, and all the others were to be eaten before him.
Explain why Polyphemus’s brothers did not help him. They believed that Polyphemos had said “no man” was killing him by craft and not by main force, when Polyphemos had really said “Noman” (who he believed was Odysseus)
What was Odysseus reasoning as he called out to Polyphemus that he, Odysseus was the one who put out his eye? He wanted to have recognition for his actions(Pride), so he gloated about it while using his full/specific name and address.
Why did Aeolus let the West Wind out? Aiolos left the west wind free to blow, that it might carry their ships along.
Why did the ships go back to Aeolia? Odysseus’ men opened the bag that contained the winds that Aiolos gave them, and they were carried all the way back to Aiola. They were jealos of him, so they opened the bag to see generous gifts they believed were given to him and not they, even though they were traveling on the same path as he was.
What kind of xenia (hospitality) do Odysseus’s men encounter among the Laestrygonians? Antiphates grabbed one at once and prepared for supper. The Laistrygonians came out rushing from every direction in thousands, and threw showers of stones from the cliffs, each as big as a man could lift, and a mighty din there was, smashing of ships and crushing of men; the giants speared them like fishes and carried them home for a horrid supper.
How does Hermes help Odysseus? Hermes tells Odysseus what Circe’s plans would be to do with him, and he gives him a moly flower to allow him to be immune to Circe’s bewitching. He also instructs Odysseus on what he can do to get his friends back from their animal form.
What does Odysseus’s response to Circe’s invitation say about the power of an oath? It says that the power of an oath is unbreakable to them.
Why does Odysseus briefly consider killing his own friend and kinsman Eurylochus, and what does this say about Odysseus’s character? Eurylochos told the men that they should not go along with Odysseus, and Odysseus became very angry that Eurylochos had a second opinion. This tells us that Odysseus is a very prideful person.
Where does Circe tell Odysseus he must go before heading home? She tells Odysseus that he must go to the house of Hades and awful Persephonia, to ask directions from Teiresias the blind Theban seer.
Who asked to be buried and mourned? Why? Elpenor, the comrade of Odysseus who fell off the roof of Circe’s house. He wanted to be buried so that he was remembered.
Describe what will happen if Odysseus or his men harm the cattle of Helios the Sun. Odysseus and all of his ship would experience great destruction and arrive late and miserable. He would have lost all of his companions and arrive in the ship of a stranger.
How did Anticleia die? She missed Odysseus so much that she died of sorrow.
Why does Odysseus agree to stay with the Phaeacians? If Odysseus returns home with more treasures, he would be lifted up higher on his return home.
What does Alcinous mean when he tells Odysseus “…you have told your tale with the skill of a bard”? Alcinoos believes Odysseus’ story and that it was spoken very eloquently.
Who was still furious with Odysseus and why? Aias/Ajax and Odysseus battled for Achille’s armor, and Odysseus won.
What did Odysseus fear Persephone would send? He was afraid that Persephone would send upon him a Gorgon-head of some dreadful monster, and that they would try to capture his soul.
Which ship has made it through the Wandering Rocks? How did it do it? The Argo was taken safely through by Hera, for Jason was her friend.
Describe what lives in the misty cave. Scylla has 12 flapping feet, 6 necks enourmously lon, and a voice no louder than a new born puppy-dog.
What sucks down and belches out the black water? Charybdis
Why did Odysseus smear wax in his men’s ears? So that they wouldn’t hear the siren’s song.
Explain why Odysseus did not mention Scylla. He was afraid that they would get scared and stop rowing. He knew he would have to lose men, and he didn’t want them to freeze up.
How were Odysseus’s men drawn up the cliff? As a fisherman stands on a projecting rock with a long rod, and throws in ground bait to attract the little fishes, then drops in hook and line with its horn-bait, and at last gets a bite and whip him out gasping.
Why was Odysseus saved from Scylla? Odysseus had the protection of the gods (specifically Zeus).

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