The Odyssey book 22-24

CH 22
What did Odysseus prove about his abilities when he shot the arrow through the twelve axes? Why is that important now? He proved that he was Odysseus. This means that he can take revenge on the suitors.
Whom does Odysseus kill first and why? Antinous; took biggest advantage of wife and house, was the worst suitor
How does Eurymachus plead his case with Odysseus? Says he’ll do anything for Odysseus and that it wasn’t his fault, never touched the women
Whom does Telemachus catch raiding the storeroom of weapons and what do they do with him? Melanthius; they tied and locked him up
Which two servants are spared? The minstrel Phemius and the herald Medon
How does Odysseus do identify the unfaithful maids? Has the women clean up the dead, whichever don’t are the disloyal ones
What does Odysseus do to the unfaithful maids? Kills them
What is done to Melanthius He’s cut up
CH 23
How does Penelope test Odysseus? Says that she’ll move the bed (the one that Odysseus made) and that gets him to explain that you can’t move it
Why does she test him? To make sure he’s Odysseus. A god might be playing a trick on her.
Describe the one last task that Tiresias told Odysseus to complete. What will be his reward for this task? He must go to different towns with really poor men, tell someone who cares about his journey, sacrifice things to Poseidon, then go home and offer things to the sky gods. Odysseus will die, and everyone will be in peace around him.
After Odysseus tells Penelope about all his adventures, he sets off again. What does he go to do? What does he tell Penelope to do? He’s going to visit his dad. News will spread that Odysseus killed the suitors, so Penelope should go to her chamber with her women and see no one.
CH 24
How does Odysseus prove that he is really Laertes’ son? Odysseus shows Laertes his boar scar. He further names all of the trees and crops planted in the garden which were given to him
What is Laertes afraid of? Laertes dies in the Odyssey because he is overcome with grief over the loneliness he experiences when Odysseus and his wife leave him on his farm in isolation.
Who comes to battle Odysseus? By whom are they led? the outraged parents of the men he had slain; Eupithes, Antinous’s father
Who does Odysseus kill? Eupithes, Antinous’s father
Who stops the battle? Athena

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