The Merchant of Venice Scene 1

Shakespeare Baptized April 26th 1564 Stratford;Short lineage
Globe Theater Along the Thames River in 1599;Wooden “O”3 tiers of galleries
Tradgies ie Romeo and Juilet
Comedies Much Ado about Nothing
Histories Julius Caesar
Merchant of Venice Comedy (tragicomedy )
Plot Antonio is sad; Bassanio needs a loan from Antonio to marry Portia; gets a loan from shylock
Portia Hieress; lots of money;only can marry the man who chooses the correct box out of three; smart
Antonio Friends with Bassanio; investments at sea; mean to shylock
Bassanio Needs money to marry Portia the hieress
Gratiano Obnoxious friend; loud and mean to shylock
Lorenzo In love with Jessica; friend with Bassanio
Jessica daughter of Shylock, leaves father to elope with Lorenzo
Nerissa Maid of Portia, goes along with Portia in everything
Suitors of Portia(who leave) Neapolitan Prince – Bastard, egotistical;County Palatine – not happy, boring;Monsieur Le Bon – he is just bad;Falconbridge – dosn’t speak the same language as PortiaScottish – FighterDuke of Saxony – always drunk Prince of Morocco – dark complexion
Loan between Shylock and Antonio 3000 ducats for three months (without interest);if Antonio can’t pay back the loan, then Shylock can take 1 pound of flesh from Antonio from anywhere.

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