the merchant of venice

whatimportant background info is established in the first scene antonio is sad
does shakespeare intend the audience to veiw bassanio as a spendthrift and a gold digger no
why does shakespeare use the word choose so often in the 2nd scene because in a way her father is still choosing someone for her to marry even though he is dead
how is portia characterized in scene 2 snobby kings daughter
in scene 2 why do portia and nerissa review the suitors who have come to court portia to see if they are even worth their time
how do skylocks first words in scene 3 help to characterize him? rich money grabber
what was the point of shys comment about ants ships he wants the prices lowered
why does shy refuse to eat with ant b/c he is a jew and ant is a christian
what is ironic about shys reference in scene 3 to feeding his gruge toward ant and then greeting ant b saying that he was the last man in their mouths he fed them his grudge and it was the last on in their mouths
how does shy defend his practice of interest referencing jacob eating labans grass
apart from the matter of usury why does shy bear such hate for ant b/c he is a christian
how does ant react to shys expression of his resentment he calls him a jewish dog
can the audience believe shy when he says he would offer the hand of friendship to ant no
why dos antonio agree to the terms of the merry bond (flesh) b/c he knows he will be back in time
what does basss reluctance to allow antonio to agree to shys bond reveal about him he does not think he can do it
as far as plot development is concerned what is the imortance of ants agreeing to shys bond it continues the story and it splits up the characters and it add suspense and a deadline
how does the scene between portia nd the Prince of morocco choice into 2 scenes to build suspense or to give something for the audience to look forward to
what is the function of lancelot gobbo in scene 2 to make shy look bad from another perspective
what new plot is added to the play in scene 3 and how is lancelot involved love between skys daughter and lorenzo; he is the messanger
how does jessica’s letter to lorenzo in scene 4 set up further exposition they are going to steal her and ducats from shy
why is shy reluctant to sup with bass he does not want him to run away with his stuff
what is ironic bout shy leaving his keys with his daughter he is going to leave and is going to have to tae his keys with her and she can get into his collection of jewels
what does shy’s attitude towards music reveal about him he has good hearing but still old
why is shy glad to see lancelot leave his house and go work for bass they are not partying like most
should jessica be regarded as a thief for taking money with her when she elopes with lorenzo yes
as scene 4 closes why does antonio announce that there will be no masque that night because the wind is just right
what is the dramatic function of scene 7 the prince is not right for her
why does the prince of morocco choose the gold casket because what most men want is her so that would be the correct one
what is the lesson the prince of m discovers inside the box you are wise but bold
what is the dramatic purpose of the conversation between salerio and solanio in scene 8 to tell the audience what happened without showing
why didn’t shakespeare stage shylocks reaction to his daughters elopement rather than have solanio report it to make you wonder if it is only a rumor or not
how does shakespeare take the opportunity to satirize spain in the scene with the prince of arragon they are proud of themselves like he is
what does the servants announcement of the next suitor at the end of act 2 lead the audience to expect that the ship did not sink

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