The Great Gatsby: Study Questions Ch4

1. The introductory of Chapter 4 gives a long roster of those who attend Gatsby’s parties. In general, how do they behave towards their host? Why, then, do they accept his hospitality. The guests at Gatsby’s parties don’t seem to acknowledge or care about Gatsby, they only accept his hospitality because he throws great parties.
2. Describe Gatsby’s car. Gatsby’s car is flashy and over the top, it has a three-noted horn, cream-yellow standard shift Rolls Royce convertible with a green leather interior. Nick describes Gatsby’s car as extraordinarily long, with all sorts of compartments.
3. Discuss the details that Gatsby shares with Nick about his past. Gatsby tells Nick he fought in the WW1 and went to Oxford and was brought up in America. He gives false family background because it depends upon San Francisco. He reveals that he associated with shady types when he introduces Nick to Meyer Wolfshiem, who fixed the 1919 World Series.
4. Does Nick believe Gatsby’s stories? Why or Why not? Nick doesn’t believe Gatsby’s stories, he’s skeptical about his stories even after he tries to prove it with the photo.
5. Who is Meyer Wolfshiem? What seems to be his connection with Gatsby? Meyer Wolfshiem was a notorious underworld figure and as business associate of Gatsby. Wolfshiem was the only one to connect his grief and condolences.
6. Jordan Baker tells Nick about Daisy, Gatsby and Tom. Summarize the story. Jordan Baker tells Nick that Gatsby is in love with Daisy. Jordan also tells Nick that Gatsby bought his mansion in West Egg solely to be closer to Daisy.
7. Explain the epigraph on the title page of the novel. What does it reveal about Gatsby and his love for Daisy? Gatsby will do anything to win Daisy over.
8. Do we know why Gatsby has so many parties? Why did he buy the house? He has so many parties just so one day he can hope to see Daisy. He bought the mansion jsut to get closer to Daisy.
9. What new meaning do you see in the last paragraphs of Chapter 1? What does Nick mean when he says, “Then it had not been merely the stars to which he has aspired to on that June night”? Dreams can only take you so far, but eventually will inevitably like the valiant mass of others who have tried and dreamed in the past, with nothing to show for it. The quote by Nick means he underscores the themes of aspiration and theme of ideal.
10. What significance does the green light hold? It was introduced as the light at the end of the dock. Green is typically associated with growth, spring and new life. It’s also connected with Daisy too, who turns out to be an unworthy dream.

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