The Great Gatsby: Review of Chapter 6

In the first few pages of this chapter, we learn about Gatsby’s background. When did James Gatz change hisname to Jay Gatsby? Why did he leave college after just two weeks? He changed it at the age of 17. He was upset because no one looked at him with power and money.
Nick says, “So [Gatsby] invented just the sort of Jay Gatsby that a seventeen-year-old boy would be likelyto invent, and to this conception he was faithful to the end.” For James Gatz, what does he expect the future Jay Gatsby’s life will be like? Specifically, atnight, what sets James’ heart “in a constant, turbulent” riot? Gatsby started his new life of luxury. He desires for bigger and better things.
To young Gatz, what does Dan Cody’s yacht represent? The yacht may represent the beauty and glamor in the world; a life of luxury; and/or Gatsby’s desire for success, wealth, and opportunity. It may even represent the “turning point” in Gatsby’s life, where he moved from Gatz to Gatsby.
Why does Gatsby not get the $25,000 left to him in Cody’s will? What lesson did young Gatsby likelylearn from this incident? When Cody died, Gatsby inherited $25,000; he was unable to claim it, however, due to the malicious intervention of Cody’s mistress, Ella Kaye. Perhaps Gatsby learned here that he wasn’t supposed to inherit the money, but needed to create his own success? Or perhaps he learned to be leery of others?
After crossing paths with Gatsby, Tom says, “I may be old-fashioned in my ideas, but women run around too much these days to suit me.” What’s ironic (and hypocritical) about this line? Tom is hypocritical because he runs around and finds other women that are attracted to him.
What is Daisy’s opinion of Gatsby’s party? She pretends she’s having a great time when really she dislikes it because it is loud and crowded. Daisy likely believes that even though all the party guests are all rich, they have no class, because there’s no class in the behaviors and actions at this party.
While the reader can have easily predicted Daisy and Tom’s reactions to his party, Gatsby cannot. Why not? Gatsby does not understand the elite class. He still has a vision of wealth and luxury, but Gatsby’s vision of having “made it” is in the new money successes–wild parties, rather than sophistication.
What is Nick’s view of repeating the past, and what is Gatsby’s opinion? Why is Gatsby’s opinion unrealistic? Nick says you cannot go back or repeat the past. Gatsby does not like that answer because he is still in love with Daisy, and he knows that she still loves him. Even though Daisy has started a different life and isn’t the same girl she used to be, Gatsby does not want to look at her in that way. He wants to go back and win the girl.

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