The Great Gatsby Character List Chapter 4-6

East Egg Chester Beckers, Leeches, Bunsen, Doctor Webster Civet, Hornbeams, Willie Voltaires, Blackbuck clan, Ismays and Chrysties, Edgar Beaver, Clarence Endive
Chester Beckers East Egg
Leeches East Egg
Bunsen East Egg, acquaintance of Nick’s from Yale
Doctor Webster Civet East Egg, Drowned in Maine
Hornbeams East Egg
Willie Voltaires East Egg
Blackbuck Clan from East Egg
Ismays and Chrysties Hubert Auerbach and Mr. Chrystie’s wife, From East Egg
Edgar Beaver Old Af, his hair is white, East Egg
Clarence Endive East Egg, Came once in knickerbockers, had a fight with Etty
Further down the island Cheadles, O.R.P Schraeders, Stonewall Jackson Abrams of Gerorgia, Fishguards, Ripley Snells, Dancies, S.B.Whitebait, Maurice A.Flink, Hammerheads, Beluga and his girls
Snell Drunk, went to prison, got his hand ran over by Mrs. Ulysses Swett’s car.
S.B. Whitebait Old
Beluga Tobacco importer
West Egg Poles, Mulreadys, Cecil Roebuck, Cecil Schoen, Gulick, Newton Orchid, Eckhaust and Clyde Cohen, Don S.Schwartze, Arthur McCarty, Catlips, Bembergs, G.Earl Muldoon, Da Fontano, Ed Legros, James B. Ferret, DeJongs, Ernest Lilly
Gulick State senator
Newton Orchid, Clyde Cohen, Don S.Schwartze, Arthur McCarty Films business
G.Earl Muldoon His brother is a murderer
Da Fontano The Promoter
James B. Ferret “Rot-Gut” Ferret
Ed Legros, James B. Ferret, DeJongs, Ernest Lilly Gamblers
Klipspringer “The Boarder”, there so often and long, people doubted if he had a house
Gus Waize, Horace O’Donavan, Lester Myer, George Duckweed, Francis Bull Theatrical people
“Also from New York” Chromes, Backhyssons, Dennickers, Russell Betty, Corrigans, Kellehers, Dewers, Scullys, S.W.BElcher, Smirkes, Quinns, Henry L. Palmetto, Benny McClenahan, Faustina O’Brien, Baedeker girls and young Brewer, Mr. Albrucksburger, Miss Haag, Ardita Fitz-Peters, Mr.P.Jewett, Miss claudia Hip, Duke
Brewer Nose lost in the War
Ardita Fitz-Peters and Mr.P.Jewett Former Head of American Legion
Duke Nick doesn’t remember his name, “a prince of something”

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