The Great Gatsby character analysis

Nick Carraway well dressed, nerdy; light and open minded; speaks eloquently; likes to learn about other people while reserving his own judgements
Nick Carraway from the west (Chicago) went to Yale; Daisy’s cousin
Nick Carraway trying to get into the stock business; lives in the West Egg and has new money; his family is able to support his move to New York
Nick Carraway has an obsession over Gatsby; wants to make money and be successful/powerful like Gatsby
Nick Carraway Daisy’s cousin; Tom’s friend; obsessed with Gatsby
Nick Carraway people are comfortable around him; people trust him & feel as if they can tell him anything; likes to reserve his judgements while getting to know people; is within and without
Nick Carraway inside of the group and outside of the group, can give us an outside perspective as well as an inside perspective
Daisy Buchanan short blonde hair; voice is like music and it’s harmonious; she whispers so that people have to physically leans towards her; wears elegant, fancy clothing
Daisy Buchanan from the mid-West (Louisville, Kentucky); lived in France, Chicago, & New York; lived where rich people lived; second cousin once removed to Nick; married to Tom and has a daughter
Daisy Buchanan a mother & wife; is of higher class; she can hire people to do everything for her, so that she can relax and party; from old money & a part of the upper class
Daisy Buchanan motivation of money & luxury; wants security, glamour, and the appearance; wants a good reputation & appearance; wants daughter to be a beautiful fool because she wants her freedom and support from a husband
Daisy Buchanan 2nd cousin once removed to Nick, feels very comfortable talking with Nick; married to Tom; friend of Jordan Bakers
Daisy Buchanan foolishness
Tom Buchanan wears riding clothes; muscular; mustache; racist; tenor (deep voice); loud, masculine, intimidating (macho, cocky, confident)
Tom Buchanan Speaking voice = very deep, tenor
Tom Buchanan went to Yale with Nick; played football; old money (family was wealthy); from Chicago
Tom Buchanan plays polo; old money
Tom Buchanan appearances; high society; restlessness, excitement
Tom Buchanan met Nick at Yale; Daisy is his wife; Myrtle is his mistress
Tom Buchanan money, physical appearance (brutal, hulking); arrogant, indecisive; matches physical description; interrupted women (dominant)
Jordan Baker slender; small-breasted; similar to a young cadette; gray sun-strained eyes; athletic
Jordan Baker old money; no family in East Egg; well known
Jordan Baker famous golfer; old money
Jordan Baker likes drama; starts and passes on many rumors; socialite
Jordan Baker Daisy’s close friend; no close family nearby; is romantically involved with Nick
Jordan Baker stays still; seems disinterested with Nick; dishonest; chin is raised high; 1st to mention Gatsby; stuck up; superior attitude; pretends not to be involved, yet very involved with everything going onto mention Gatsby; stuck up; superior attitude; pretends not to be involved, yet very involved with everything going on
Myrtle Wilson middle 30’s and faintly stout, but she carries her surplus flesh sensuously as some women can
Myrtle Wilson soft, coarse voice; changes clothing many times
Myrtle Wilson the “man” of the marriage
Myrtle Wilson wants money; changes dress; says she’ll throw it away; is trying to be carefree about it/impersonating a rich woman
Myrtle Wilson connected to Nick through Tom
Myrtle Wilson Tom’s mistress
Myrtle Wilson strives for vitality
George Wilson blonde; anemic; faintly handsome; blue eyes; naive
George Wilson owns a car repair shop
Myrtle & George Wilson live in the valley of ashes; married but not really connected to each other
Myrtle & George Wilson of the lower class; not very wealthy

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