The Great Gatsby – Chapters 8 and 9

What foreshadows Gatsby’s death? NIck has nightmares and wakes just before dawn with a feeling he must warn Gatsby about something- “morning would be too late”
Nick urges Gatsby to go away, but he refuses. Explain. Gatbsy was still clutching that one last hope that Daisy would choose to be with him after all.
Why does Fitzgerald include Gatsby’s flashback about Daisy? It unravels a bit more of the mystery of Gatsby, this time giving the reader the real story of his feeling for Daisy, tells us why he loves her.
To what grail does Gatsby refer? As legendary heroes sought the Holy Grail at all costs, Gatsby had made Daisy his grail.
What is the symbolic significance of autumn at the novel’s end? Why is there a “sharp difference” in the weather The falling leaves and the draining of the pool at the end parallel the end of the illusion and the end of Gatsby’s life. On a larger scale, Gatbsy’s death symbolizes the death of the American Dream.
What does Nick mean when he says to Gatsby, ” You are worth the whole damn bunch put together.” Is Nick being hypocritical? Although Nick disapproves of Gatsby’s shady business dealings, and thinks he is a fool for believing he can recapture the past, he nonetheless admires his honest and steadfast devotion to a goal – Gatsby is still uncorrupted in that way, while all the other characters are spiritually and morally bereft.
What does Nick realize about Jordan? Jordan is moe concerned about herself than anything else. She is selfish and irresponsible, and he doesn’t care if he never sees her again.
George Wilson typifies the ordinary man. What else does Fitzgerald’s portrayal of him suggest? Wilson lives in a world of delusion. He doesn’t even realize, even at the end, that Tom was Myrtle’s lover all along. He mistakes Dr. TJ Eckleburg’s eyes for God’s. With Tom’s encouragement, he kills the wrong man and then he killed himself. Wilson is seemed as Tom’s scapegoat, just as the middle class in general is seen as the scapegoat for the rich.
The details of Gatsby’s funeral are left to Nick. Why? No one else was interested in Gatsby in a personal way. They had just used him for pleasure or for business profit, but had not really cared about him.
What seems to be of most concern to Klipspringer? his tennis shoes
Fitzgerald juxtaposes two views of Gatsby. What are they? Gatsby in his role as Wolfsheim’s associate and Gatsby as the All-American son of Henry Gatz.
What does the call from Slagle tell the reader? It offers more evidence of Gatsby’s criminal activities. Like the party goers and Wolfsheim, Slagle has no personal interest in Gatsby.He assumes his death is the result of his business involvements.
Gatsby kept a lost of resolves. Why do they represent? Gatsby’s dreams of self-advancement came early. He believes in the American Dream.
Why does Nick tell Mr. Gatz that he was a close friend to Gatsby? Nick wanted to comfort the old man, who was obviously proud of his son and didn’t realize that he hadn’t attained the dream.
Why do you think Fitzegerald included the mean with the owl eyed glasses at the funeral? Owl Eyes seems to be used to help the reader “see” He alone noticed that Gatsby’s book were real. He points out in the funeral scene that people used to come to Gatsby’s by the hundreds, and he also sees that Gatsby was indeed poor.
How is the Great Gatsby a story of the West if it happened in the East? The characters are all what Nick calls Westerners. Nick feels that they all possessed a common trait which made it impossible for them to adapt to Eastern life. The East is seen as an evil place in the end, while Nick looks forward to the safe boredom of his Wisconsin home.

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