The Great Gatsby Chapter 8 Quiz

c What keeps Nick from sleeping?a. his concern for Daisyb. worrying about Gatsby outside Daisy’s housec. thinking about Myrtle’s deathd. worrying about his job
c Why does Nick think Gatsby should go away?a. because Tom is very angry with himb. Daisy has announced she will never leave Tomc. the police will trace Gatsby’s car back to himd. Wilson is likely to come find him
d Who is Michaelis?a. Jordan’s neighborb. a police officerc. a witness to Myrtle’s deathd. George’s neighbor
a What was the result of Gatsby’s vigil outside Daisy’s house?a. Nothing – she never came outb. Gatsby quarreled with Tom and went homec. Tom threatened to call the policed. Gatsby forced Daisy to confess that she was driving the car
b What does Michaelis suggest George needs?a. a new wifeb. religion or a belief in Godc. to seek revenged. to move away
c Who finds Gatsby dead in the pool?a. the gardenerb. Tomc. Nickd. George Wilson
c Who discovers Wilson’s body?a. Nickb. Tomc. the gardenerd. the chauffeur
b What is most likely happening to Nick and Jordan’s relationship?a. they will likely be marriedb. they likely have broken upc. they are seeing other peopled. they are closer than ever because of the events of the night before
a What does Gatsby allow Daisy to believe about him when they meet in Louisville?a. that he is wealthy and from a good familyb. that he is an officer in the armyc. that he will not be draftedd. that he is a graduate of Oxford
d What reasons does Gatsby give for Daisy’s original decision to marry Tom?a. she thought Gatsby had died in the warb. she didn’t think Gatsby would wait for herc. deep down, she had always loved Tomd. Tom has a good social standing and was acceptable to her parents
a Why does Gatsby want the gardener to wait to drain the pool?a. he has never used it and wants to take a swimb. he plans on drowning himself in itc. he is planning to throw a party that eveningd. he likes the way the moon reflects off of it
b What does Nick tell Gatsby before leaving him?a. Daisy never loved Gatsbyb. Gatsby is better than Daisy and her friendsc. he wishes he’d stayed in Minneapolisd. Gatsby will always be his friend
c Why does Wilson conclude that Myrtle was killed by her lover?a. Tom tells himb. Myrtle whispers this to him before she diesc. The Dr. T. J. Eckleburg billboard reveals this to himd. he is told this in a dream
d Who kills Gatsby?a. Meyer Wolfsheimb. Tom Buchananc. Daisy Buchanand. George Wilson

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