The Great Gatsby: Chapter 8

What noise does Nick hear while he tries to fall asleep? A fog-horn
What noise does Nick hear around dawn? Gatsby’s taxi
What reason does Nick give for jumping out of bed to go see Gatsby? “I felt that I had… something to warn him about.”
What does Nick notice as he crosses Gatsby’s front lawn? The door is open
Where does Nick find Gatsby? Leaning against a table in the hall
Until what time does Gatsby say he waited for Daisy to signal to him? About 4 o’clock
What signal does Daisy give Gatsby which tells him to go home? She stands in the window and turns out the light
What are Nick and Gatsby searching for in Gatsby’s house at night? Cigarettes
What does Nick tumble upon in Gatsby’s house? A piano
What does Nick say there is an inexplicable amount of in Gatsby’s house? Dust
What does Nick find on an unfamiliar table? The humidor
What does Nick find in the humidor? Two stale, dry cigarettes
Where do Nick and Gatsby smoke their cigarettes? In the drawing room
What suggestion does Nick make to Gatsby that he rejects? “You ought to go away”
Why does Nick suggest that Gatsby should go away? “They’ll trace your car.”
Where does Nick suggest that Gatsby should go? Atlantic City or Montreal
Why doesn’t Gatsby want to leave? He doesn’t want to give up on Daisy
Who said it and to whom was it referring: “He was clutching at some last hope, and I couldn’t bear to shake him free.” Nick about Gatsby
What does Gatsby tell Nick about the night that Myrtle is killed? His youth with Dan Cody
What word does Gatsby use to describe Daisy when he tells Nick about the time he first met her? “Nice”
What army camp was Gatsby in when he went to go see Daisy? Camp Taylor
What amazes Gatsby about his visits with Daisy? How beautiful her house is
What does Gatsby say gave Daisy’s house an air of breathless intensity? Daisy
What increases Daisy’s value in Gatsby’s eyes? Many men had already loved her
How is Gatsby in Daisy’s house? By accident
Why does Gatsby have no right to be with Daisy? Because he has no money
In what month does Gatsby take Daisy? October
Why might Gatsby have despised himself for taking Daisy? Because he tricked her into thinking that he was of the same social class
How many days is it until Gatsby meets Daisy again? Two days
What is Daisy sitting on when Gatsby comes to see her? A wicker settee
What does Gatsby do when he sees Daisy on the porch? He kisses her
What does Gatsby say made Daisy’s voice huskier and more charming than ever? She had a cold
What is Gatsby aware of on the porch? The youth and mystery that wealth preserves
What does Gatsby tell Nick surprised him about his encounters with Daisy? He fell in love with her
What rank did Gatsby hold in the army before the war? Captain
In which battle did Gatsby earn a promotion to major? The Battle of Argonne
What did Gatsby command as a major in the army? The divisional machine-guns
Where did Gatsby try to go after the Armistice? Home
Where did Gatsby end up going as a result of some complication or other? Oxford
Why was Gatsby worried while at Oxford? There was a quality of nervous despair in Daisy’s letters
What new tune is played on the saxophones? Beale Street Blues
What does Daisy begin doing again while Gatsby is away? Dating
Why does Daisy start dating again? She wanted her life shaped now
Who does Daisy end up marrying while Gatsby is at Oxford? Tom Buchanan
What curious remark does Gatsby make about the entire affair with Daisy and Tom that afternoon? “It was just personal.”
Where does Gatsby go when he returns from France? Louisville
How long does Gatsby stay in Louisville looking for Daisy? A week
At what time do Gatsby and Nick finish breakfast and go out onto the porch? 9 o’clock
Who is the last one of Gatsby’s former servants? The gardener
What does the gardener want to do, which Gatsby rejects? He wants to drain the pool
How long does Nick say he has until his train? 12 minutes
What does Nick say about Gatsby which he says he has always been glad of? “They’re a rotten crowd, you’re worth the whole d*** bunch put together”
What color suit is Gatsby wearing? Pink
Who calls Nick while he is at work? Jordan Baker
What does Nick compare Jordan’s voice to? A divot from a golfing green
Where does Jordan say she is? At Hempstead
Where does Jordan say she is going this afternoon? Southampton
What remark does Jordan make that makes Nick rigid? “You weren’t so nice to me last night.”
What abruptly ends Nick’s phone call with Jordan? One of them hangs up
Why is Nick unable to call Gatsby’s house after four tries? The line is being kept open for a long distance call from Detroit
What train does Nick circle on his timetable? The 3:50 train
Who did the crowd at Wilson’s garage have trouble locating the night that Myrtle died? Her sister, Catherine
Why does Nick think that Catherine broke her rule about drinking liquor that night? Because she showed up at the garage drunk
What is Catherine’s reaction when she is told that the ambulance already went to Flushing? She faints
At what time does Wilson begin to mutter to himself about the yellow car? 3 o’clock
How long have George and Myrtle been married? 12 years
Why is Michaelis uncomfortable inside the garage? Because the work bench was stained where the body had been lying
What suggestion does Michaelis give George? Go to church
What does George show Michaelis in the draw of the desk? An expensive dog-leash
What color is the dog leash? Silver
What is the dog leash made of? Leather
Who does George tell Myrtle she can’t fool? God
What is George Wilson looking at through the window when he tells Myrtle she can’t fool God? The eyes of Doctor T. J. Eckleburg
Where did Wilson go after Michaelis left? Port Roosevelt, and then Gad’s Hill
What does Wilson buy at Gad’s Hill? A sandwich and a cup of coffee
What do the police suspect Wilson was doing when he left the garage? Looking for the owner of the yellow car
At what time does Wilson arrive in West Egg? Half-past two
At what time does Gatsby put on his bathing suit and tell the butler that he would be in the pool? Two o’clock
What does Gatsby get in the garage on his way to the pool? A pneumatic mattress
What order does Gatsby give the chauffeur after they blow up the pneumatic mattress? The car isn’t to be taken out under any circumstances
What about Gatsby’s order to the chauffeur was strange? The front right fender of the car needed repairs
Until what time does the butler wait for the phone call? 4 o’clock
Who was the first one to hear the shots? The chauffeur
What was the first thing that alarmed anyone at Gatsby’s house? Nick’s rushing up the front steps
Who is in the group that goes down to the pool to look for Gatsby? Nick, the chauffeur, the gardener, and the butler
What causes the mattress in the pool to move irregularly? Gatsby’s dead body
What does the gardener find off in the grass? Wilson’s body

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