The Great Gatsby Chapter 7 Vocabulary

Obscurely Definition: something that is difficult to understand or deal with, usually because it involves so many parts or details; vagueSyntonym: indefinitely, uncertainAntonym: obviously, clearSentence: Things obscurely felt surged up from unknown depths.
Sulkily Definition: silent and bad-tempered for a while because you are annoyed about something.Synonym: unhappily, moodyAntonym: gladly, cheerfulSentence: He went off very sulkily because his best friend mad him get mad.
Caravansary Definition: a large inn enclosing a courtyard providing accommodation for caravans.Synonym: /Antonym: /Sentence: Gatsby’s house is like a caravansary which always set up the huge party on every Saturday night.
Stagnant Definition: something such as a business or society that is no activity or change; having no current or flow.Synonym: inactive, still, motionlessAntonym: active, flowingSentence: That national economy is stagnant which really affect their citizens.
Abounding Definition: very large number; very plentiful.Synonym: filled, abundantAntonym: lacking, meagerSentence: English is a language abounding with idiomatic turns of expression.
Boisterously Definition: noisy, lively, and full of energy.Synonym: strongly, rowdy Antonym: gently, quietSentence: You should not talk loud or boisterously with the person across the table.
Contingency Definition: something that might happen in the future which cannot be predicted with certainty.Synonym: /Antonym: /Sentence: We should be prepared for any contingency.
Incredulous Definition: someone is unable to believe something because it’s very surprising or shocking; doubtful, skeptical.Synonym: suspicious, disbelievingAntonym: definite, convinced Sentence: They are incredulous of hearsay because there are no evidence to prove with.
Inexplicable Definition: something you cannot explain why it happens or why it’s true.Synonym: incomprehensible, unaccountableAntonym: explainable, explainableSentence: Their actions are completely inexplicable, and I don’t know why they have to do like that.
Precipitately Definition: something happen suddenly or sooner than normal; hastening the occurrence.Synonym: suddenly, quicklyAntonym: delayed, slowlySentence: A slight mistake could precipitate a disaster.

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