The Great Gatsby Chapter 5-6

what does Gatsby propse that offends Nick That he asks Daisy over to tea.
describe Gatby and Daisy’s meeting it is very awkward Gatsby is very nervous
how does the meeting with Daisy affect Gatsby? Gatsby becomes very anxious and awkward around her doesn’t want to be left in the room alone with her
how does Nick catch Gatsby in a lie? he noticed his eye twitch
why do you think Daisy cries when she sees all of Gatsby’s beautiful shirts? she knows she made a mistake
why is Klipspringer unable to refuse Gatsby’s request that he play the piano because he is his private piano player and never left the party
why is the song “Ain’t We Got Fun” both appropriate and ironic it is very tragic for having fun and drinking
this chapter is seem as the beginning of Gatsby’s downfall. Offer suggestions as to how this might be true in this chapter the rain plays a big role in Gatsby’s downfall
how does the statement, “money can’t buy happiness” apply to this book so far? Gatsby has all the money in the world but it can not buy him happiness toward Daisy
How is the use if flashback effective in this chapter- think in regards to the telling of Gatsby’s life? it tells his life isn’t really what he says it was
Discuss Gatsby’s five years as Cody’s associate. Include his creation of a new persona Gatsby came up with a new person
who unexpectedly drops in at Gatsby’s on Sunday? What do you imagine is the reason for the visit? Tom came to visit on Sunday to discuss Daisy
what does Gatsby flaunt at Tom? He wants to know why he is all over Daisy
why is it hypocritical for Tom to reply, “…women run around too much these days to suit me.” he knows his wife is running around with Gatsby
Compare the behaviors of Tom and Gatsby they are polar opposites but mostly the same
Nick notes that the illusion of one’s world breaks done when outsiders enter it. Explain.
at the end of this chapter, the illusion is falling apart. Gatsby knows dasiy did not have a good time. What advise does Nick offer and how does Gatsby react? ….

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