The Great Gatsby: Chapter 3 (handouts)

Why does Gatsby throw huge, expensive parties for people he does not even know? He is hoping that the insane parties will draw her attention and he hopes that she will eventually wind up stumbling into a party.
Describe the two ways in which Nick differs from the other guests at Gatsby’s party. Nick was the only one at the party that was actually invited. He also seems to be the only one worried about Gatsby’s whereabouts, and he eventually gets to meet him. No one ever sees Gatsby at Gatsby’s own parties.
What does the owl-eyed man in the library find extraordinary about the books in Gatsby’slibrary? He is surprised to find that the books are actually real.
Why does the owl-eyed man describe Gatsby as a real Belasco? Belasco was a famed theatrical producer, who demanded a natural acting style from his actors. The owl-eyed man says this because Gatsby’s books, even though they are, look entirely to realistic and natural to be true.
What is the significance of the owl eyed man? He is tied in with the enormous pair of glasses in the sign. Just as the sign seems to represent an all-knowing godlike figure, the owl eyed man sees Gatsby as a real person with real things and real feelings.
What does the reaction of the drivers of the wrecked automobile suggest about the values Gatsby’s guests? The guests take what they have for granted and don’t appreciate anything that they have, apparently including automobiles. They are careless.
What does Nick learn about Jordan Baker after he’s spent some time with her. She is an extremely dishonest person. He even knows that she cheated in her first golf tournament.
What is the significance of Jordan’s lies? She lies but so does everyone, especially in the book. Her lies seem very superficial, compared to everyone else’s.
Pay attention to Nick’s judgments. What do they reveal about his character that he does this? He judges people when they have done something wrong but tries to stay open minded to why they may have done something bad. He gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. He mostly judges only for someone being very morally wrong.
Describe Gatsby the first time Nick sees him He is a positive, kind man who seems to see the best in people. Very careful with his language – speaks elegantly and seems supportive.
What rumors have been told about Gatsby? Why does Fitzgerald reveal rumors rather than fact? The rumors are that he killed a man, is a German spy, and went to Oxford. The rumors add to the mysteriousness of Gatsby.
What does Nick think of Gatsby after meeting him. Nick thinks that he is a genuine, respectable man, but was not expecting Gatsby to be so young and handsome.
How is Gatsby different from his guests? He is not drinking and he seems to separate himself from the party entirely.
Why does Nick choose to share his thoughts and feelings with Jordan? He was so surprised at Gatsby’s appearance after meeting him that he immediately wants to talk to someone about it. This person is Jordan, mostly because she is the only person there that he knows.
Nick thinks he’s one of the few honest people he knows why? Do you think he is honest? I think Nick is honest because he is able to recognize what is right and what is wrong around him. He realized how much Jordan Baker lies and also begins to realize how much people around him lie.

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