The Great Gatsby Chapter 2 Study Guide

What is half way between East Egg and New York? (23) The Valley of Ashes.
What might ashes symbolize? Answers will vary, but may include: death, the phoenix, which is the bird that dies and is rebornout of its ashes, or just the desperate hopelessness of the place.
What appears out of nowhere in the Valley of Ashes? (23-24) The eyes of Dr. T.J Eckleburg (on a billboard for an optometrist by that name).
Why does Nick meet Tom’s mistress even though he has no desire to meet her? (24) Tom pretty much forces Nick to meet her and he because of his ego.
What three shops are located on the Main Street of the Valley of Ashes? (24-25) A place for rent, an all night restaurant and a garage repair place owned by George B. Wilson, who repairs and buys and sells cars. Shops are related to almost all of the characters in the book.
What is George B. Wilson’s occupation? (25) George Wilson is a car salesman and mechanic.
What are several descriptions Nick gives of George Wilson? (25-26) Blond, spiritless, anemic and faintly handsome.
What springs into George Wilson’s eyes when he sees Tom and Nick? (25) A damp gleam of hope.
What instructions does Tom give Myrtle Wilson? (26) Tom instructs her to get on the next train so they can meet on the lower level to have some timetogether.
Catherine tells Nick that she had attended one of Gatsby’s parties. What does this seem to imply aboutGatsby and his popularity? He is extremely popular and everyone goes to his parties.
Where does Myrtle believe Gatsby gets his money? (32) From his uncle or cousin Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany.
Catherine confides to Nick, “Neither of them [Tom or Myrtle] can stand the person they’re married to.”At this point in the novel, do you believe this is true or false, and why do you believe what you do? (33)Why would Tom lie to Myrtle about Daisy’s being Catholic and that preventing their divorce? (33) Catholics are not supposed to divorce (it’s forbidden by the church), and Tom doesn’t want toleave Daisy for Myrtle, who happens to be just a side fling. It’s his excuse to not leave Daisy.
Why did Myrtle marry George Wilson? (34) She thought he was a gentleman, that is, that he was financially well-to-do.
What seemed to be a great disappointment for Myrtle concerning her marriage to George? What does herreaction to the episode tell you about what she values and what her priorities are? (35) When they got married Mr. Wilson borrowed a suit from a friend to get married in. Myrtledoesn’t value the old, she values the new, she values money and riches and being at the top.When she found out he’d borrowed the suit (when the friend who loaned it to him showed up toget it back) she lay down and cried all afternoon. She’s highly materialistic: a gold-digger.
What causes Tom and Myrtle to fight around midnight? (37) Myrtle shouting out Daisy’s name; Tom says she has no right to say Daisy’s name.
What does Tom do to Myrtle? (37) Swings his hand in a deft movement and breaks her nose.

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