The Great Gatsby Chapter 1 study guide

How does Nick describe hiimself at the beginning of the novel? Vulnerable
Heo does Nick describe Tom Buchanan? 30, hard mouth, sturdy, knew him in college, strawhaired, muscular, and a supercilious manner.
Who is Jordan Baker? sporty person. playing in a golf tournament.
Wat is Gatsby doing when Nick first sees him? he’s outside looking at the stars.
Describe the ambiguity in Nick’s initail descriptions of Gatsby. he just says that Gatsby is his neighbor.
How does the tone of Nick’s description of Tom reveal Nick’s feelings about Tom? That he ahs changed a lot since college.
How would describe Daisy’s state of mind during dinner? What deos she say and so that helps reveal her inner conflicts? awkward; “fifth guest’s shrill metallic urgency” -what Nick described it as. “isn’t romantic, Tom?” – Daisy
Nick think that, given the state of their marriage, daisy should leave Tom, but it is clear to him that she has no intention of doing so. What indication is there that Tom and Daisy are closely linked despite their marital difficulties? there’s a moment where Daisy and Tom look at each other in silence. (pg. 19; not hard cover book)
What indications are there that the green light will ahve a pwerful emotional significance to Gatsby? well when the green light wasn’t on, Gatsby was out, but when the green light flashed Gatsby had vanished.

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