The Great Gatsby CH 3 Review

Gatsby, women who is about to have a party with a big band, ________ and horderves?
Nick Who was invited to Gatsby’s small party but he didn’t know anyone there at the party?
Gatsby People were afraid of whom at his own party?
Wilhelm, German Three rumors of Gatsby:1) related to Keiser ________2) killed a man once3) was a ________ spy during the war
Owl Eyes a drunk in the library that Nick observes while he is at the party and inspects that the books are fake but realizes that they are real
Nick during the party who was with Jordan Baker and sitting at the table with her?
Nick Who was surprised and shocked when Gatsby came up behind him identifying himself?
Nick, Oxford _________ just found out from someone at the party that Gatsby is an _________ man and gives large parties
Jordan Baker A professional golfer and friend of Nick’s and also cheated in a golf tournament
Jordan Baker Who loves Nick because he is “not a careless person”
characterization In this chapter we get a good __________ of Jordan: “she was incurably dishonest”

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