The Giver – Study Guide

Who is Asher’s best friend? Jonas
What month, that Jonas feels apprehension about, is approaching? December
When are new children named? Ceremony of One
What is the name of the new child who is cared for by Jonas’ father? Gabriel (or Gabe)
At what ceremony do the children receive bicycles? Ceremony of Nine
What is Lily’s comfort object? Elephant
Who is the most important Elder? The Receiver
In what age group is Jonas currently in? The 11’s
What does Lily first notice about the child (Gabe)? His eyes (pale eyes)
What is the new child’s comfort object? Hippo
What is the method of transportation in the community? Bicycles
At the beginning of the book, what had made Jonas feel frightened? A jet flying through the community
What “reflective things” were very rare in the community? Mirrors
What does Lily wish that she could be when she gets assigned? Birthmother
What did her mother think of this choice? It was a dishonor
How many children does a Birthmother have? Three kids
At what age do you start your volunteer hours? 8
What did Jonas remove from the recreation center? An apple
Why does he take the object from the center? Jonas saw the apple change somehow and decided to take it home.
What must Jonas share every night with his family? His feelings for the day
BONUS – What is the standard apology phrase? “I apologize for inconveniencing my learning community.”
Where did Jonas arrive to help with the old people? House of the Old
What special event had just happened that morning for Roberto? He was released
Why could Jonas not guess as to what his Assignment might be? He didn’t have anything he really loved to do or had a passion for.
It was against the rules to look at another’s______________, but it made Jonas feel safe. Nakedness
Whose life was considered “not meaningful” because she was a Birthmother with no family unity? Edna
When Jonas arrived, who of his friends were also working there? (Hint: there are 2) Asher and Fiona
How does Larissa described the special event? They explained his/her life, made a toast, and walked out the door.
What did Roberto do that made his life “wonderful”? Instructor of 11’s
Where are volunteer hours recorded Hall of the Records
Describe the disgrace that once happened to an Eleven. One Eleven didn’t finish all of his volunteer hours so he had to finish them in a month and then get his assignment secretly.
What do children receive at 7? Front buttoned jacket
What is this (front buttoned jacket) a sign of? Children now have more responsibility
What was unusual about Caleb? He is a replacement child
How was Caleb’s welcome into the community different from Roberto’s? They chanted his name unlike Roberto’s.
What did Lily receive this year? a Front-buttoned jacket
What happened at the Ceremony of Ten? There hair is cut.
What was the first 12 assigned to become? Fish Hatchery Attendent
Why couldn’t Asher have been an Instructor of Threes? He couldn’t pronounce words right when he was 3 when the job was to teach the children to speak correctly.
How did the community punish children? They were smacked with the discipline wand on the hands and legs.
What was Asher assigned to do? Assistant Director of Recreation
What was the surprising thing that took place at the Ceremony of 12? The Chief Elder skipped Jonas.
What was Jonas selected to become? Receiver of Memory
What physical characteristic does the man who currently hold this position (Receiver of Memory) share with Jonas? Pale eyes
What FIVE qualities does Jonas possess that made him the Elder’s choice for this position? Wisdom, courage, integrity, intelligence, capacity to see beyond
What does the Chief Elder say to each child, including Jonas, as they are presented with their assignments? “Thank you for your childhood”
What was Jonas’ number? 19
After he is given his position, Jonas feels_________ and _________ for the first time. different; seperate
The last receiver was a ________ (gender). female
The last Receiver’s name was designated as a name ____-_____-___-_________ not-to-be-spoken
The rule about _____ affects Jonas the most. Lying
Except for the Receiver’s door, the doors in the community are never ________. Locked
what does the man (the Receiver) state his job is? to transit the memories to Jonas
In the Annex there are hundreds of _____, but in people’s dwelling there are only a few. Books
Jonas’s new title is________. the Receiver
The Receiver seems __________ that he actually is. Older
The Speaker in the Annex has a(n) ____________ which shocks Jonas. off button
The first memory that the Giver transmits to Jonas is ___________. Snow
BONUS – The Twelves all have a new title that is reflected on their bike’s nameplate. This title is _____. Citizen in training
What is different about the sledding memory the Giver gives Jonas? The hill didn’t have that much snow so when he went down he fell and broke his leg.
What does Jonas immediately ask for after he is given the memory? Medicine
Jonas asks the Giver why the must hang onto memories of anguish. His response is that “It gives us_________.” Wisdom
What did the citizens petition the Committee of Elders for “some years ago?” That Birthmothers should have 4 children.
What memory cause the Giver to advise against this? When there was a huge population and this cause people to go into poverty, starve, and die.
What happens when Gabriel sleeps in Jonas’ room? Gabriel wakes up in the middle of the night. Jonas pats his back and thinks about the sailboat. He realizes that he is transferring that memory to Gabriel. Jonas still has the memory but it’s faint.
At the end of chapter 14, Jonas describes a power that frightens him. What is it? The ability to transfer memories
What calming memory does Jonas use in chapter 14. He uses the memory of him on a sailboat and the sight of the blue sky.
Why does the Giver sometimes send Jonas away? The Giver is sometimes in pain so he tells Jonas to leave.
BONUS – What phrase does Jonas repeat that sometimes seems humorous, meaningful, important, and ominous? “Back and back and back”
What disturbing memory does the Giver leave Jonas with? The memory of warfare
What does Jonas understand after receiving a memory in which he rode with a horse? The relationship between man and animals.
What does Jonas learn after receiving a memory of walking through the woods? He learned solitude and it’s joy.
What is the Giver’s favorite memory? The memory of Christmas
What are the surprising people in the Giver’s memory? The grandparents
What question does Jonas ask his parents? “Do you love me?”
What is their response? They said that you should use precise language.
What feeling do Jonas’ parents consider obsolete or meaningless? The feeling of love
What does Jonas do at the very end of chapter 16? He throws away his pill.
What does Jonas consider dangerous that is featured in the Giver’s memory? The fireplace and the candles because they were lite on fire.
What lie does Jonas tell his parents? “I do understand”
Explain the difference between grandparents of the past and the Old in the community. The Old in the community go to the House of the Old and are pampered and well taken care of. Grandparents of the past live on their own and visit their family.
List the four things that Jonas tells Gabriel there could be with change. Love, colors, grandparents, and evryone would have memories
BONUS – What does the Giver say to Jonas after giving him the disturbing memory of warfare? “Forgive me”
What three things happen in the community during an unscheduled holiday? Parents don’t go to work, kids don’t go to school, laborers go to work
What word does Jonas use to describe the difference of his feelings versus how Lily or everyone else in the community expresses their feelings and why is this ironic? Depth and it is ironic because the community wants percision of language, they don’t want feelings.
What upsets Jonas in the play area? When the kids are playing war
After he leaves Jonas and Fiona at the play area, why does Jonas suddenly feel “overwhelmed with feelings of loss?” Because when they are playing war, it reminds him of the memory of the boy dying and needing water. Also, he wants his childhood back and feels lonely.
What big event is happening the next day for father? He will have to choose which male twin will stay in teh community and which one will be released.
What job does Mother suggest Lily should have? Storyteller
What was the previous Receiver’s name? Rosemary
What happened to her? She applied for release.
What was the first painful memory the Giver gave to Rosemary? It was about loneliness.
Why can Jonas not request to be released? Because it says in his rules that he can’t apply for release.
What does the Giver feel toward Rosemary and Jonas? He feels love towards Rosemary and Jonas.
The Giver tells Jonas to stay away from the ________. River

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