The Giver Figurative Language & Literary Elements

Euphemism(1) ¨This morning we celebrated the release of Roberto.¨(1) p. 31
Alliteration ¨That was before we went to Sameness.¨ p. 94
Assonance ¨It´s just that I don´t know your name.¨ p. 87
Metaphor “Jonas had become a rock. He could not move, but he knew his existence.”
Onomatopoeia ¨Psssheeewwww!¨ p. 132
Euphemism(2) ¨He waited for his father to chastise Lily.¨(2) p. 20
Simile ¨I tried to finish as I do with you.¨
Hyperbole “Jonas said ‘I am starving,’ when he was just hungry.”
Allusion “The name Jonas is a variation of Jonah from the bible. Gabriel, in the bible, was an angel.”
Imagery “He was in a confused, noisy, foul-smelling place.”
Protagonist ¨Jonas didn’t know what she was referring to…¨ p. 61
3rd Person Point of View ¨Now for the first time in his twelve years of life, Jonas felt separate, different.¨ p. 65
Antagonist ¨The community, relieved from discomfort…¨ p. 59
Theme There is always more to learn the next day.
Flashback ¨Oh, I remember the sunburn you gave me on the very first day.¨ p. 107

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