the giver-chapters 7 and 8

what was joans’ number 19
why is he number 19 bc he was the 18th child born that year
what happened when you turned 12 you became an “adult” bc you got your assignment
what was ashers’s number 4
when was a chief elder elected every 10 years
what assignment did Asher get assistant director of recreation
what happened to jonas at the ceremony he was skipped
what was the chief elder a women
what was fioan’s assignment a caretaker of the old
how did jonas feel when he was skipped he wanted to disappear
did the chief elder skip jonas on purpose yes
what happened to jonas he had been selected
what was Jonas’s assignment he was the receiver of memory
what did they say about the last selection they said they failed it but this time they are sure
how is the receiver taught the old receiver is their teacher
what something that happens during training it causes lots of physical pain
what traits do you need to be a receiver intelligence, intergrity, courage, wisdom, and the capacity to see beyond
what happened to the audience the audience changed like the apple had changed
how did jonas feel about his assignment he felt pride and fear
how did they celebrate jonas they started off whispering and they kept getting louder and louder as they were saying “jonas”

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