The Giver Chapters 1-23

Rosemary The Daughter of the Giver and also the receiver in training who failed.
Receiver the Assignment in which you have to hold memories. Good and bad.
Elsewhere Somewhere out of the community
Kathleen a 6 who had most of the qualities to be the next Receiver
Warfare memory the memory that pictured men groaning and a boy who was begging for water and food
The Giver The Old Receiver who is now giving memories to Jonas
Jonas The Receiver in Training
Matching of the spouses an event where the committee of elders assign the spouse to a person.
Spouse a wife or husband assigned by the elders
Ceremony of ones this ceremony is where newborn babies get their name and number and when the parents get their children
Ceremony of nines This is a ceremony where the kids get assigned their bike
Birthmother the assignment where you can have 3 kids/babies, then you have to retire.
Language you have to be very precise with your…
Lying You are not allowed to lie
Release Death by an injection
Nurturer This assignment helps with newborns.
Asher Jonas’s best friend
Fiona a twelve who is training to be for caretaker
Discipline wand The Community used this to people when they misbehave
Fish Hatcher this job is where fish hatch
Engineer this job is where you build stuff
mother This Parent (answer is mother of father) works for the department of justice
father this parent ( the answer is mother or father) is a nurturer
Receiver of memory What is Jonas’ assignment/job?
nineteen-twelve what was Jonas’ full number at the end of the book?
Caleb __________ fell into the river and his name was used for another new child
perfect people in the giver’s community expect you to be __________
Ceremony of elevens this ceremony is where children get new clothes

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