The Giver Chapter 15-16 Study Questions

Why did Jonas think that he would be sent away? the Giver sat in his chair with his face in his hands
What was wrong with the Giver? he was suffering from the pain of too many bad memories
What did Jonas ask the Giver? if there was something that he could do to help him
What was the Giver’s response to Jonas? take some of the pain away
What did Jonas do? lay on the bed so that he could give Jonas the memory that was torturing him
What memory did the Giver give to Jonas war
Why did the Giver ask Jonas to forgive him? he felt bad about what he had done to Jonas
What did Jonas not want anymore? to go back, the memories, honor, wisdom, and pain
What did Jonas want his childhood again
Why was the Giver gentle with Jonas after the memory of the war? he felt guilty after giving him the memory of war because it was so painful
What were some of the good memories that the Giver shared with Jonas? a birthday party, visiting museums, paintings, riding a horse, the bond between animals and humans, Christmas, family
Who were the old people Jonas asked the Giver about? grandparents
What does grandparents mean? parents-of-the-parents, long ago
How would Jonas find out who were his parents-of-the-parents? Hall of Open Records
What happens to the parents once their children become adults? as long as they are still working, they live with the other Childless Adults; they are no longer apart of their children’s lives anymore
What was the Giver’s favorite memory that he gave to Jonas? a family with grandparents at Christmas
Why was the memory of the family at Christmas the Giver’s favorite? because of the feeling of love
What did Jonas wish? the feeling of love in his life, and that the Giver could be his grandfather
Why did Jonas feel that love would be risky? because the order of their community would fall apart
What did Jonas ask his parents? if they loved him
What was his parent’s answer? use precision of language, the word love is meaning less and obsolete, it is too general
What they asked Jonas if he understood, what did he say? yes, it was his first lie
What happened when Gabriel was taken away from Jonas? Gabe cried again
What did Jonas stop doing? taking his pills

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