the giver chapter 11

he felt himself sitting on a ________. sled.
he was on top of a mound or a _____. hill.
for the first time, Jonas experienced the feel of ______. snow.
what happens to the memories when the giver gives it away to Jonas? the giver no longer has that memory.
why was there no longer snow? climate control
why did the leaders go to “sameness”? parental convenient
the 2nd memory was warm and comforting. what was it? sunshine
what was the last memory given to Jonas in this chapter? a sunburn
obsolete out of date and no longer used
what dream did Jonas continue to have? he dreamed of snow and the sled and ridding down a hill on a sled.
why did Jonas feel uncomfortable listening to all the twelves about there first day of training? he could not tell about his first day of training because he was not allowed to talk about his job.
what weird thing keeps happening to Jonas things change for and instant
why did colors disappear in society the ppl made the choice to go to sameness
the giver told him that Jonas was experiencing ____________. the color liked

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