The Giver by Lois Lowry

What happened to the pilot who flew over the community? He was released.
What was Jonas father assigned job? Nurturer
Why was the pilot released fromt he community Hie misread his navigantion instructions and frightend the community
Why does Jonas decide that “apprehensive” is better word for his feeling than “frightened” He thinks it expresses more precisely how he feels
What does Jonas’s mother do for a living She works for the department of justice.
Which rule is most frequently broken in the community? Children must no ride bicycles until they are 9.
Why does Jonas’s mother discourage Lily from becoming a birthmother? The position holds very little honor in society.
Why does Jonas worry about Asher’s Assignment? Asher does not seem to have major interests.
Why is Gabriel in danger of being released? He is not growing fast enough and can not sleep through the night.
Whad to the numbers assigned to each child signify? The order of their birth.
Why does the Chief Elder apologize to the audience at the Cermony of Twelve? She has caused them anxiety about Jonas’s assingment.
How does the community react to the death of a child in the river? They chant the child’s name over and over.
Where did the Giver get his wisdom? From memories transmitted by previous Receiver.
Did Jonas’s assignment sheet say he could have a wife? Yes
What method does the Giver plan to train Jonas? He places his hands on Jonas’s bare back and gives him memories.
What are stirrings? The beginning of sexual desire.
What is the first memory Jonas receives? A ride on a sled through falling snow.
Why is Lily skeptical of Jonas’s story about elephants? Lily has been raised to think that elephants are imaginary creatures.
What was the name of the failed Receiver who was chosen 10 years ago. Rosemary
Why is Jonas not permitted to apply for release? If Jonas left the community all the memories he hd accumulated would enter the minds of the citizens and create chaos.
How does Jonas help the newchild Gabriel go to sleep? He transmits memories of peaceful sails on a lake.
Why do Jonas’s parents refuse to tell him they love him? They think love is an obsolete word with no meaning.
Why does Jonas interrupt his friend’s game of good guys and bad guys? he recognizes that their game takes a casual attitude towards tragedy.
Why does the Nurturing center release one of every set of identical twins? It is inconvenient to have identical people walking around.
Why does Jonas leave the community before the time he and the Giver had planned? He finds out that Gabriel will be released the next morning and wants to save his life.
How does Jonas keep the search planes from finding him and Gabriel? He transmits memories of cold so that the heat seeking planes cannot locate them.
What does Jonas see (or think he sees) as he nears the bottom of the hill on the sled? Colored lights in the windows of houses.
What age are children assigned job they will perform as adult 12
What book is not in every household? Encyclopedia
How many children did each Birthmother have? 3
How many children were in each family group? 2
What word did not follow the “precise use of words” in the community? Release
Where did Jonas want to go when he left the community? Elsewhere
What did the Giver and Jonas have that no one else did? Memories
Who does Jonas take when he leaves the community? Gabriel
What year was The Giver published? 1993
When is the setting? Some time in the future of a utopian community.
Who is the protagnonist? Jonas
What is the mood of the story Apprehensive
What tense is the story told in? The story is related in the past tense.
Climax of story The climax of the story is whenJonas views the video showing his father “releasing” one of the new children.
Themes Importance of memory, individual, value of freedom, relationship between pain and pleasure.
What is a comfort object? a toy “imaginary” animal given to a child to give him or her comfort.
How long to children keep the imaginary animals? Unitl they are 8 years old.

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