The Giver

Describe the incident with the jet (occurred a year earlier). a pilot accidentally flew over the community twice, and was automatically released
Why did Asher have to apologize to his classmates? He was late.
From whose point of view is the story told? The author tells the story in third person, and only Jonas’ feelings are expressed.
What is the job title of Jonas’s father, and what are the duties connected with this job? Nurturer – responsible for the physical and emotional needs of every newborn during the first few months of life. Also responsible for the release – killing – of infants who are deemed worthless because something is wrong with them.
What are the rules on the number of children per family? Only two children allowed – one of each gender.
What position does Jonas’s mother hold? Describe. She has an important position at the Dept. of Justice – she punishes people for breaking community rules.
What ritual takes place at the dinner table (near conclusion of evening meal)? the sharing of feelings – talk about their day
What upcoming event is causing Jonas a great deal of apprehension? The Ceremony of Twelve – he is turning 12 and will be getting his life assignment
Who is Gabriel? An infant who is not sleeping thru the night, and not gaining weight like others his age. He has been given a second chance, and has been sent to stay with Jonas’s family.
What two important events happen at nine? They get a bicycle and girls no longer have to wear hair ribbons
Why were the Elevens being observed so often by the Elders? so that they can see what assignment they may best fit into when they are Twelves
Describe an assignment. Nurturer – tend to physical and emotional needs of the infants until they are placed with parents.
What is Lily’s comfort object, and what age will it be taken away? elephant / age 8
What unique facial feature does Gabe have? pale, light colored eyes
Who else has this feature? Jonas
What assignment does Lily hope for? to be a birthmother
Why does her mother reprimand her for such thoughts? she felt like there was very little honor in that assignment
Why is Jonas enthralled with the apple, and how is he reprimanded? he notices that it changes/ he is reprimanded over the loudspeaker (although his name isn’t said) because he brought the apple home which was against the rules
Why does Jonas not always do his volunteer hours with Asher? Asher often fooled around and made serious work difficult
Where do the Eights usually do their volunteer hours? at the recreation center
What seems to be the purpose of the volunteer hours? So that the elders can watch them – it will help them decide which assignments would be a good match
What are some of Benjamin’s accomplishments? he had worked for nearly four years in the rehabilitation center – skilled as rehab director – developed some machines and methods to help with rehabilitations
Why are Jonas, Fiona, and Asher at the House of the Old? to complete volunteer hours
What does Jonas get asked to do at the House of the Old? bathe an elderly lady, Larissa
Describe Roberto’s celebration. They told his life story before they released him, they toasted him, chanted the anthem, made speeches wishing him well.
Describe Edna’s celebration. They “tried” to make her life sound meaningful. Larissa makes it sound like Edna wasn’t as important as Roberto.
How did Roberto feel when he entered the Releasing Room? The look on his face was pure happiness.
What occurs at the morning ritual? They share their dreams from the night before.
What is Lily’s dream? She had broken the rules by riding her mom’s bicycle, and had been caught by the Security Guards.
What is Jonas’s mother’s dream?
What is Jonas’s dream? He dreamed of bathing Fiona, and he felt stirrings.
What treatment must Jonas take for the Stirrings? a pill
What new privilege do children get when they are Seven? they get to wear front-button jackets
What does a front-buttoned jacket symbolize? independence
What does a bicycle symbolize? moving gradually out into the community, away from the family unit
What label has Gabe been given? Why? Uncertain – he has been given an extra year to see if he can get “up to par” with others his age
What happened to the first Caleb? he fell into a river and died
At what age is there a hair cutting ceremony? Ten
What is Elsewhere? a place outside the community – the author only hints at what this “really” is
Who controls the matching of spouses? What guidelines are used? The Committee of Elders Factors, such as intelligence, disposition, energy level, and interests, had to correspond and interact perfectly.
Why is Jonas known as Nineteen? He was the nineteenth child born in his birth year.
Why did Asher receive a “smack” when he was three? He had trouble with “precise” language, and mispronounced “snack”. He was hit with the discipline wand every time he said the word incorrectly.
What assignment is given to Asher? Assistant Director of Recreation
What assignment is given to Fiona? Caretaker of the Old
Why is there a sudden hush in the crowd? The Chief Elder had skipped Jonas in the Ceremony – gone from 18 to 20, without giving Jonas his assignment.
What is the title of Jonas’s special assignment? the Receiver of Memory
Who will train Jonas? the current Receiver of Memory – he tells Jonas to call him “The Giver”
What happened to the first selection made ten years ago? As soon as she started receiving painful memories, she asked to be released and was never seen again.
What five qualities does the Elder list for Jonas’s job? intelligence, integrity, courage, wisdom, and capacity to see beyond
Why is Jonas not allowed to state that he is starving? he isn’t using precise language – starving and being hungry are very different words. He was using “starving” to mean how hungry he was
How does Jonas feel about his selection? proud – he knows the community accepts himfearful – he didn’t know what his job would make him experience
Name the eight rules for Receiver of Memory. 1. After school each day, go to the Annex entrance and present yourself to the attendant. 2. After training each day, do directly home 3. May ask questions/receive answers 4. Don’t discuss training 5. No dream-telling 6. No medication for illness/injury related to training 7. Can’t apply for release 8. Can lie.
Why does the restriction of medicine make Jonas nervous? He doesn’t know how much pain he will have to go through, and he worries.
What is so unique about the door to the Receiver? It is locked
Why is the door locked? To ensure the Receiver’s privacy
Why are there no apologies in the room of the Receiver? they don’t have time for that
What is the first memory passed onto Jonas? Riding a sled down a snow-covered hill
Why are there no hills? Hills would make transport of goods take too long
What painful memory is Jonas given? sunburn
What is the old man to be called? The Giver
What indescribable change has Fiona undergone? Jonas begins to see the red in Fiona’s hair
What do Fiona, the apple, and the sled have in common? the color red
How does the old man help Jonas to understand the concept of color as the chapter concludes? He gives him the memory of a rainbow
Why are people not given the right to choose? they might make the wrong choices
What memory concerning elephants is given to Jonas? He sees and elephant being killed then another elephant standing over it, expressing grief
Where do parents of grown children go? they live with other Childless Adults
Why would the Committee of Elders ever call upon the Giver? if they come across something that they have never experienced before – he could help them by giving advice based on memories
What happened to the memories of the Receiver from ten years before? the memories were shared among the community, and the people had to bear the pain from them
How has the sledding memory changed (from the previous chapter)? steeper hill – lose control going down hill – broken leg – lots of pain involved
Why had the memory of “hunger” been significant to the Committee of Elders? They had wanted to increase children from 2 to 3 in each family, but the Giver helped them to not change the rule, because a memory had shown more people, and starvation.
What happens in the case of a twin birth? the smaller one will be released
How does Jonas quiet Gabriel? he gave him a soothing, peaceful memory
Explain the memory given to Jonas in Chapter 15. Warfare – he sees death and destruction and it is extremely painful
Describe the Giver’s favorite memory. a family Christmas celebration, warmth, grandparents, love
How are “grandparents” treated in Jonas’s society? they don’t exist
What important question does Jonas ask of his parents that they are unable to answer? “Do you love me?”
As the chapter concludes, what does Jonas do with his pill? Why? He throws it away. He wants to be open to the possibility of love.
What game are the children playing on the “playing field”? they are playing “war”
What does Jonas say to the children playing on the “playing field”? He begs them not to play it anymore.
What happens to the identical twins? One is handed over to nurturer, and the other goes through a ceremony of release
Who was Rosemary? The Giver’s daughter who was named as the Receiver ten years before.
Why did Rosemary apply for release? The painful memories were too difficult for her to bear.
What then happened to Rosemary’s memories? They are dispersed among the people in the community.
What does Jonas wish to witness? the release of one of the twins that was performed by his father
Why does the baby receive an injection? it receives a lethal injection to kill it
Whose release did the Giver watch (and then describe to Jonas)? Rosemary, his daughter
What will happen if the community is forced to receive all of the memories? they won’t be able to handle them and will end up destroying themselves without the help of the Giver
What did the Giver hear with his “hearing beyond”? the farewell message that Jonas sent to him
Describe the Ceremony of Loss Everyone chants the person’s name, led by the Giver, gradually getting slower and softer until gone forever
What excuse is to be given regarding Jonas’s disappearance? That he fell into the river, just as Caleb had
What news does Jonas hear from his father that causes him to change his plans? That Gabe will be released the next day.
Why do Jonas and Gabe sleep during the day? Search planes come to look for them during the day.
Why does Jonas create a cold memory? So that the heat-seeking devices on the search planes can’t find them.
What does Gabe spot and identify as a plane? a bird
As the chapter concludes, why does Jonas cry? he cries because he is hungry, tired and weak…and he is afraid that he won’t be able to save Gabe.
Does Jonas make it to Elsewhere? Explain the ending the best way you are able. yes…the author leaves the ending a bit “up in the air” for the reader to decide what happens on their own. it does leave the reader to believe that jonas and gabe are somewhere where they feel joy, warmth, love…hearing music.
themes in the story conformity v. individuality ironyvalue of the individualfamily, home, friendship, heroism
ironic a contrast between what is expected and what actually occurs. For example, the speaker sounding humorous, when speaking of something very serious.
palpable here, meaning real
tunic clothing
wheedle here, meaning to compete for attention
chastise criticize
port here, a place to store a bicycle
droning on speaking continuously
aptitude skill or ability
sheepish embarrassed or uncomfortable
retroactive putting something in effect at an earlier time
ruefully regretfully or sadly
piecemeal scattered
benign not harmful; gentle and calm
indolence laziness
obsolete of no consequence or importance
conveyance here, meaning transportation
admonition warning
sinuous curving and supple
assimilated absorbed
parched dried; thirsty
carnage here, meaning mutilated and bloody body
invigorating exciting
imploringly begging for understanding in a painful situation
languid spiritless or weak
augmented added to
imperceptibly without a noticeable result
lethargy lack of energy
ecstatic excited;very happy

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