The Curse of Macbeth

4 things come with a witch 1.) Heavy metal2.) presence of drugs3.) deviant sexual behavior4.) blood sacrifice
Act IV of Macbeth introduces what 17th century black magic
supposed spell is casted on what play Macbeth
Murphy’s Law anything that can go wrong will go wrong
Shakespeare had to make play that boosted James I ego if not he would of been killed, and James loved Macbeth
Macbeth was first performed in 1606, and WS performed as Lady Macbeth because why Hall Berridge got ill and died. James liked it, but halted performance for 5 years so demonology wasn’t so public
When performed in Amsterdam in 1672… actor playing Macbeth substituted a real dagger in the scene when duncan is killed. This guy actually wanted to commit murder and used the stage
as Lady Macbeth, Sarah Siddons was nearly ravaged by a disapproving audience in 1775
Sybil Thorndike was almost… strangled by a burly actor in 1826
diane Wynyard… sleepwalked off the rostrum in 1948, falling down 15 feet
during a 1849 performance… at New York’s Astor Palace, a riot broke out in which 31 people were trampled to death
in 1937, when Laurence Oliver played Macbeth… a 25-pound stage weight crashed within a inch of him, and his sword broke on stage, flying into audience and hit a man who later suffered a heart attack
in 1934, British Actor Malcom Keen turned mute onstage and… his replacement got ill and died (high fever like Hall Berridge)
in 1943 Macbeth production headed by John Gielgud, three actors (Duncan and 2 witches)…. died, and the costume and set designer commit suicide
Charles Heston, in an outdoor production in Bermuda in 1953… suffered sever burns in his groin and leg area from tights that were “accidentally” presoaked in kerosene
Actor’s strike felled Rip Torn’s 1970 production in NYC
in 1971 when when David Leary starred 2 fires and 7 robberies in 1971
in the 1981 production at Lincoln Center, J. Kenneth Cambell…. J. Kenneth Cambell played Macduff, and was mugged soon after the plays opening
of course there are no what explanations for this
no one refers or quotes what macbeth
macbeth is mown as “The Scottish Play” or “That play”

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