The Crucible Vocabulary (All)

predilection n. preexisting preference
ingratiating adj. charming or flattering
dissembling n. disguising one’s real nature or motives
calumny n. false accusation; slander
inculcation n. teaching by repetition and urging
propitiation n. action designed to soothe or satisfy a person, a cause, etc
licentious adj. lacking moral restraint
pallor n. paleness
ameliorate v. make better
avidly adv. eagerly
base adj. low; mean
deference n. courteous regard or respect
theology n. the study of religion
qual v. cringe from
gingerly adv. cautiously
abomination n. something that causes great horror or disgust
blasphemy n. sinful act or remark
contentious adj. argumentative
deposition n. the testimony of a witness made under oath but not in open court
imperceptible adj. barely noticeable
deferentially adj. in a manner that bows to another’s wishes; very respectfully
anonymity n. the condition of being unknown
prodigious adj. of great size, power, or extent
effrontery n. shameless boldness
confounded v. confused; dismayed
incredulously adv. skeptically
blanched adj. paled; whitened
agape adj. wide open
conciliatory adj. tending to soothe anger
beguile v. trick
floundering n. awkward struggling
retaliation n. act of returning an injury or wrong
adament adj. firm; unyielding
cleave v. adhere; cling
sibilance n. hissing sound
tantalized n. tormented; frustrated
purged v. cleansed

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