The Crucible Unit Test

Mary Warren John Proctor’s Servant; she later became an official of the court
Rebecca Nurse is considered to be one of the most saintly women in the village; she and her husband own a great deal of land
Abigail Williams Reverend Parris’s 17 year old niece who lives with him and begins the accusations against “witches”
John Proctor refuses to go to church because he feels the minister does not speak enough of God
Reverend Hale comes from Beverly; he is an expert on witchcraft
Reverend Parris found his daughter and some other girls dancing in the forest late at night
Giles Corey unknowingly accuses his wife of witchcraft when he says he can’t pray while his wife reads from her strange books
Ann Putnam burried seven babies; sent her daughter to conjure up the dead spirits of her children
Tituba Reverend Parris’s slave from Barbados that was “conjuring” and “casting spells” as the girls were dancing in the woods/ she gets beaten often by Parris
Betty Parris appears to be in a deep sleep that no one can cure when the story opens
Hathorne the judge at the witchcraft trials
Danforth the deputy governor who acted as a prosecutor at the witchcraft trials
17 This story is set in the _____th century.
Salem, Massachusetts This story takes place in the village of ___________, ___________.
Theocracy The government in Salem is based off of a _______________. (type of government, religious and actual law are not separated)
Abigail ____________ said that Tituba had made her drink a portion of chicken blood when the girls were dancing in the woods.
Barbados Tituba is from the country of __________________.
frog A _________ was in the pot where the spells and incantations were made.
Abigail _____________ was the first person to name people as being “witches”
adultery After being questioned by Reverend Hale about why he wasn’t going to church, John Proctor had to recite the commandments to prove he was a Christian Man. Which commandment did he leave out?Thou shalt not commit _____________ .
Abigail ____________ accused Elizabeth Proctor of being a witch with the hopes of taking her place with John Proctor.
Giles Corey Out of everyone who was executed for witchcraft, all were hanged except one. Who was this person? (they were pressed to death by large stones)
Elizabeth Proctor ___________ ___________ supposedly had a poppet doll that she used to torment Abigail by sticking a needle into it. (The doll was actually placed by Mary Warren as false evidence)
Martha Corey __________ ____________ was arrested as a witch because she had been accused of putting a curse on Walcott’s pigs.
Mary Warren __________ __________ testified in court that the girls were lying and that none of them had seen any witches. (she later denied this because she was afraid of Abigail)
Thomas Putnam _________ ___________ accused many people of witchcraft so that he could buy their farmland for very low prices. (He used his daughter to accuse people for him)
Giles Corey _________ __________ knew alot about the court and his rights because he had been in court thirty-three times.
Sarah Good ________ ________ would not be hanged as a witch because she was pregnant although she was close to 60 years old. (she was the 2nd person to be accused of witchcraft in the town, had very low class)
yellow When the girls were accused of lying before the judge, they pretended to be “witched” and saw a _________ bird.
pregnant Elizabeth proctor would escape hanging for at least a year because she sent word to the judge that she was ___________.
dagger Towards the end of the trials, Reverend Parris was afraid to go out at night because he had found a ____________ in his door.
61 Reverend Parris was payed _______ pounds a year, plus firewoods and the deed to his house.
19 ____ people were actually executed on Gallow’s Hill as witches.
true (true or false) abigail william’s parents had been killed by indians
true (true or false) abigail williams had at one time worked as a servant for John and Elizabeth Proctor
true (true or false) John Proctor has three sons, but the third son had not been baptized because John did not want Reverend Parris’s hands on his son
true (true or false) reverend parris was a graduate of Harvard College
true (true or false) John proctor had an affair with abigail williams
false (true or false) Elizabeth proctor did not want John to tell the courts about abigail williams and the affair she had with John
true (true or false) abigail had told john that the girls were only “sporting” or “joking” because they had been caught dancing in the woods
false (true or false) thomas putnam and francis nurse were good friends
true (true or false) reverend hale began visiting the homes of the people who had been accused of being a witch
true (true or false) reverend parris had preached for many weeks until he got gold candlesticks in the church instead of pewter ones
true (true or false) Ezekial Cheever and Marshal Herrick came to arrest Elizabeth Proctor
true (true or false) Mary Warren testified in court that the poppet doll that Elizabeth had was one that Mary had made
true (true or false) 91 people signed a deposition testifying to the good reputations of Martha Corey, Rebecca Nurse and Elizabeth Proctor
true (true or false) Reverend Hale felt that Proctor, Nurse and Corey should have a lawyer before going before the courts
false (true or false) when asked to testify before the judge, Elizabeth admitted that her husband had committed adultery or lechery
true (true or false) Abigail Williams and Mercy Lewis (the Putnam’s servant) ran away after Abigail stole all of Reverend Parris’s money
false (true or false) in order to save themselves from hanging, Rebecca Nurse and Martha Corey confessed to being witches
true (true or false) when the witchcraft trials started in Andover, the people went against the courts and would have no part in the trials
true (true or false) Reverend Hale believed John Proctor’s story, and he believed that the girls had lied all during the trials
true (true or false) at the end of the story, only the poor had been executed as witches, but when it came to executing John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse, parris wanted them set free
false (true or false) Danforth refused to pardon John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse because he still felt they were guilty of witchcraft
true (true or false) those people who were executed as witches were excommunicated from the church
true (true or false) so many people had been locked up as witched that children and livestock had been left to run freely in the town
false (true or false) elizabeth begged John to confess to being a witch and live
true (true or false) John Proctor confessed to being a witch, but refused to sign the confession; he later tore it into pieces
John Winthrop Who stated the following? “We shall be a City Upon a Hill, the eyes of all people are upon us; so that if we shall deal falsely with our God in this work we have undertaken and so cause him to withdraw his present help from us, we shall be made a story and a by-word through the world.” _______ __________ (governor of the Mass. Bay colony)
puritans The __________ separated from the Anglican Church (or the Church of England) because they believed it was not pure enough
puritan The term “_______” refers to someone or a group of people who separated from the Church of England, relied totally on pure scriptures, and followed John Foxe
Puritan ___________ : group of protestants who wanted to remain part of the church of england, but demanded simpler worship and stricter religious discipline. This group of people settled in the Massachusetts Bay colony
corporal righteousness the idea of ___________ ____________ involves the belief that anyone who was not righteous put the entire community in disfavor. Personal sin became everyone’s business (holiness of the entire community before god)
pilgrims a band or group of Puritans that settled in the Plymouth colony, they emphasized individual righteousness not group righteousness
purposes the __________ of puritan writings are…..1. to glorify God2. to make God more relevant to the world3. To explain God, make him more familiar and less mysterious
bible the puritans believed the _________ to be the literal word of God
salvation the puritans saw life as a journey to _____________.
Harvard The puritans founded ___________ university, which remains one of the highest ranked schools in the nation.
diaries __________ and histories are the most common forms of Puritan literature.
contract the Puritans believed that a _________ existed between God and humanity
predestination the idea that an individual was chosen before their lifetime for a specific purpose, their life’s path has already been chosen and they cannot change it
backsliding the idea that said believers could fall into temptation (Satan was thought to be interested in capturing the strong believers)
sinner the puritan’s believed that through Adam and Eve’s fall, every person is born a __________.
elect The puritans believed that God “saves” only certain people or _________ people. However, there is no way to know if you are one of these special people. Only pure and righteous actions and “blessings” are indicators to whether you might be one.
limited the puritans believed that Jesus died for the chosen only, not for everyone. (A ________ atonement)
grace The puritans believed that God’s ________ is given freely, and it could not be earned or denied.
word The puritans believed that those who were elected by God had the full power to interpret the ______ of God.
bible the puritans believed that scriptures found in the ________ held supreme authority for personal decisions and for the government and the world
conversion the puritans believed in __________ or the idea that there was a commandment to bring everyone to Christianity. (this brought an emphasis on introspection in the attempt to become familiar with a personal spiritual state so that repentance could happen)
education the puritans emphasized __________ and taught all ages in order for everyone to have the ability to read the Bible. They allowed women to take part in this
hard work the puritans believed in discipline and _______ _________. they believed this led to a stronger community and that suffering leads to spiritual rewards (you don’t eat if you don’t work)
church the puritans attended _______ twice on Sundays for several hours each time
vespers the puritans practiced ______ which involved morning and evening family prayer and bible study
marraige the puritans believed ___________ was a civil ceremony ordained by God for the benefit of man’s natural and spiritual state so that children could be born and the sin of adultery could be avoided
adultery in puritan society, the sin of ___________ was punishable by death.
property in puritan marriages, women became the __________ of their husbands and all of their possessions became their husbands
Anne Bradstreet famous Puritan poet who wrote “upon the burning of our house” and “to my dear and loving husband”
1691 Salem witch trials began in the year ______ when 3 women were accused of witchcraft. Within 10 months, about 150 people were accused, many were put to death.
devil puritans believed that the _________ was a real as God.
witches in puritan society, those who followed Satan were called “_______”
complaint The first step in accusing someone of witchcraft is, the “afflicted” person makes a ____________ to the magistrate about the witch. The complaint can be made through a third person.
warrant the second step in accusing someone if witchcraft…..the magistrate issues a ________ for the arrest of the accused person
examined the 3rd step in accusing someone of witchcraft…the accused person is taken into custody and ______________ by 2 or more magistrates
jury a ________ decided the fate of the accused person when being tried for witchcraft
evidence all of the following are types of _________ used in the Salem Witch Trials – confessions of accused witches-spectral evidence-physical examinations of a witches body – testimony of the “victims” – the discovery of “poppets” – pots of ointments, tinctures, or medicines- astrology books, horoscopes, palmistry-the witch cake – touch tests
malleus malificarum (literally means “the hammer of witches”)this was a witch hunting manual originally meant to be fictional, 2nd most popular book to the bible, used for several hundred years as a “textbook” for witch hunting
spectral evidence ( form of evidence based upon dreams and visions) testimony that the accused witch’s spirit appeared to the witness in a dream or vision or in another form (animal) this “dream” could be used as evidence
witch the ________ cake was a cake made from rye meal and urine which was fed to a dog, the dog would lead the people to the witch who was afflicting the girls
effluvia the doctrine of _________ was an explanation to how witches accomplished afflicting people, they used “venomous and malignant particles” that were ejected from the eye
touch the ________ test was the most infamous test of the idea of effluvia (witches put particles on people) the accused were blindfolded and the victims would touch them and break out into hysterics
plain puritan literature was written in ________ style which was clear, straightforward, simple and lacked ornamentation
revelation puritan literature was written to record forms of __________ and provide spiritual enlightenment, instruction, and self-examintation
types the different _________ of puritan literature included sermons, history, personal journals, and devotional poetry (fictional literature like dramas were seen as trivial and corrupting)
William Bradford _________ ___________ wrote “Of Plymouth Plantation” -he was the governor of Plymouth Plantation for over 30 years- lost his wife on the journey (threw herself overboard because she had to leave her only child behind)-wrote memoirs of the trip and their first years there
exposition (name the part of the plot)the ______________ is when several girls from Salem, MA in 1692 are caught dancing in the woods by Reverend Parris. Tituba the slave is “casting spells”, Abigail wants Elizabeth Proctor dead, and after they are caught Betty Parris and Ruth Putnam are in deep sleeps and can’t wake up. The government is introduced as a theocracy
rising action (name the part of the plot)the ____________ _____________ is when Reverend Hale is sent for, which means there is a 50/50 chance someone will die. We also learn about John and Abigail’s affair and Abigail threatens the girls that they must go along with the “witchcraft” accusations. The girls begin accusing people at the end of Act 1
turning point (name the part of the plot)the ___________ ____________ is when Elizabeth denies that John has comitted adultery which makes Abigail look good in court. Mary Warren also denies her statement that the girls lied and Reverend Hale leaves the court because he knows Abigail and the girls are lying, John continues to try to bring out the truth
climax (name the part of the plot)the _____________ is when John must decide to live a coward or die redeemed, he has to sign his name to the contract and rips it up and chooses to die
falling action (name the part of the plot)the __________ __________ is when Abigail flees Salem with Mercy Lewis and all of Rev. Parris’s money. John upholds his decision to die and there are rumors of witch hunts in a nearby town
resolution (denouement) (name the part of the plot)the ________________ is when John is hanged along with Rebecca Nurse. John’s name is redeemed and he has died a changed man. Elizabeth’s life is spared because she is pregnant

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