The Crucible Study Guide Act 1

What entertainments are denied to the Salem Puritans? Dancing and witchcraft.
Why have the Puritans failed to convert the Indians? They fear the native americans as devil worshipers.
What have the Puritans failed to learn from the persecution of the ancestors? Tolerance
What three factors does Arthur Miller blame for the occurrence of the witch hunt? Mob mentality, the power of the church, the belief that everyone was born a sinner.
What causes conflict between Reverend Parris and his niece? The girls were caught dancing in the forest.
Why is Reverend Parris uneasy at the beginning of the act? Some girls are supposedly ill and he thinks betty has something to do with it
Exactly what occurred in the forest the previous night? Tituba was speaking to the dead children in the forest with Ruth.
Why has Parris sent for Reverend Hale? Hale is the expert in witchcraft and Parris thinks something is going on
What sad events have tormented the Putnam family? They lost 7 children.
What can you deduce from the fact that Ann Putnam sent Ruth to conjure with Tituba? She believes that Tituba can really talk to her dead children.
Explain the relationship between John Proctor and Abigail Williams? They had an affair while Abigail was employed by the proctor household then she was dismissed by his wife
Describe the relationship between the Putnam and Nurse families. The Nurse family is good and the Putnam family is bad. The Nurse families has good values but The Putnam family is greedy and jealous .
What causes the conflict between John Proctor and Reverend Parris? John says that Reverend Parris is a bad minister and that is why he barely goes to church.
What is Reverend Hale’s background? Reverend Hale is an expert on witchcraft.
What causes the crying out of names at the end of the act? Betty and Abigail are crying out who they saw with the devil .

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