The Crucible: Reverend Parris (QUOTES)

“They’re thirsty for your word, mister” (Miller, 17). Putnam said this to parris about betty being bewitched
“I see no light of god in him” Proctor about Parris
“He preach nothin but golden candle sticks” (Miller, 65). Proctor about parris and how he isn’t religious and wants his real gold candles
“This is a clear attack upon the court” (Miller, 94). Parris about proctor trying to stop executions
“There is a danger for me. i dare not step outside at night” (Miller, 128) Parris upon finding dagger outside his door after all his money was taken and abigail and betty were gone
“The village sees him so unsteady” (Miller, 124). Parris upon betty and abigail took his money and left
Who did what to who “Excellency- a dagger”
who did what to who “Since i come to Salem this man is blackening my name”
who said this and how did it effect Parris “I like it not that Mr. Parris lay his hand upon my baby”
what did this person(s) do to effect Parris “Parris prays with him”
True or FalseParris finds a gun at his doorstep false
True or FalseParris and Proctor liked each other at the end false
True or FalseParris and Proctor liked each other at the end Parris and Proctor liked each other at the end
True or FalseParris saved betty Parris saved betty
True or FalseParris worried about maintaining his position in salem True
True or FalseParris and Proctor didnt like each other True
True or FalseParris was left with no money true
Multiple choice: Parris preached abouta) heavenb)hellc)honestyd)gold candle stickse) both b and cf)none of the above E)both B and C
Multiple choice: Parris was a a) ministerb)judgec)preacherd)none of the above a)minister
vocab fill in the blankReverend Parris portrayed an example of (BLANK) when he told Proctor to speak the truth hypocrisy
Parris was very (BLANK) when he decided to lie about what he saw in the woods audacious
vocab fill in the blankJohn proctor emphatically believed Reverend Parris was nothing but a fake emphatically
find evidence that supports the idea that Reverend Parris was power hungry “Don’t a minister deserve a house to live in… i want a mark of confidence” (Miller, 30).

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