The Crucible- Mr. Thomas Putnam’s lines

Parris: Now, look you, Goody Putnam, she never– Putnam: It is a providence the thing is out now! It is a providence.
Parris: What’s out, sir, what’s–? Putnam: Why, her eyes is closed! Look you, Anne.
Mrs. Putnam: Her soul is taken, surely. Putnam: They say you’ve sent for Reverend Hale of Beverly?
Parris: Now, Goody Ann, they only thought that were a witch, and I am certain there be no element of witchcraft here. Putnam: No witchcraft! Now look you, Mr. Parris–
Parris: They will howl me out of Salem for such corruption in my house. Putnam: Mr. Parris, I have taken your part in all contention here, and I would continue; but I cannot if you hold back in this. There are hurtful, vengeful spirits layin’ hands on these children.
Parris: But, Thomas, you cannot– Putnam: Ann! Tell Mr. Parris what you have done.
Mrs. Putnam: Last night my Ruth were ever so close to their little spirits; I know it, sir. Putnam: Don’t you understand it, sir? Theree is a murdering witch among us, bound to keep herself in the dark.
Parris: Now, I am undone. Putnam: You are not undone! Let you take hold here. Wait for no one to charge you–declare it yourself. You have discovered witchcraft.
Mercy: Your pardons. I only thought to see how Betty is. Putnam: Why aren’t you home? Who’s with Ruth?
Parris: If you will, Good Ann… Putnam: Now look you, sir. Let you strike out against the Devil, and the village will bless you for it! Come down, speak to them–pray with them. They’re thirsting for your word, Mister!
Mrs. Putnam: Mark it for a sign, mark it! Putnam: That is a notorious sign of witchcraft afoot, Good Nurse, a prodigious sign! (PRO-DI-JUSS)
Giles: Is she going to fly again? I hear she flies. Putnam: Man, be quiet now!
Parris: What do you make of it, Rebecca? Putnam: Good Nurse, will you got to my Ruth and see if you can wake her?
Proctor: Then what’s he coming for? Putnam: There be children dyin’ in the village, Mister!
Proctor:Did you call a metting before you–? Putnam: I am sick of meetings; cannot the man turn his head without he have a meeting?
Rebecca: Let us rather blame ourselves and– Putnam: How may we blame ourselves? And yet I have but one hild left of eight–and now she shrivels!
Mrs. Putnam: There are wheels within wheels in this village, and fires within fires! Putnam: When Reverend Hale comes, you will proceed to look for signs of witchcraft here.
Proctor: We vote by name in this society, not by acreage. Putnam: I never heard you worried so on this society, Mr. Proctor. I do not think I saw you at Sabbath meeting since snow flew.
Parris: I should say the better half of Salem village– Putnam: and more than that!
Parris: I do not wish to be put out like the cat whenever some majority feels the whim. Putnam: Aye!
Proctor: Again you? Putnam: Against him and all authority!
Rebecca: He does not mean that. Putnam: He conessed it now!
Hale: Putnam! I had not expected such distinguished company, sir. Putnam: It does not seem to help us today, Mr. Hale. We look to you to come to our house and save our child.
Mrs. Putnam: Her soul, her soul seems flown away. Putnam: She cannot eat.
Hale: Tries to fly Putnam: She cannot bear to hear the Lord’s name, Mr. Hale; that’s a sure sign of witchcraft afloat.
Rebecca: I wish I knew. Putnam: Come, Mr. Hale, let’s get on.
Parris: You will confess yourself or I will take you out and whip you to your death, Tituba! Putnam: This woman must be hanged! She must be taken and hanged!
Abigail: I saw Good Sibber with the Devil! Putnam: The marshal, I’ll call the marshal!
Danfort: Mr. Putnam, I have here an accusation by Mr. Corey against you. He states that you coldly prompted your daughter to cry witchery upon George Jacobs that is now in jail. Putnam: It is a lie.

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