The Crucible Main characters

The New England minister who is mainly responsible for the belief in witches Reverend Parris
ten year old daughter, who was caught by her father dancing in the woods and pretends to see spirits Betty Parris
Reverend Parris’ Negro slave who is partly responsible for teaching the children about spirits Tituba
Reverend Parris’ 17 year old niece, who leads the other children in the accusations. Abigail Williams
A friend of Abigail’s who also joins in accusing people of being witches Susanna Walcott
A vindictive man with many grievances who uses the witch tales to effect his personal vengeance upon the town. Thomas Putnam
His wife, who attributes the death of her seven infant children to supernatural causes. Mrs. Ann Putnam
An 18 year old friend of Abigail who pretends to see witches Mercy Lewis
The girl who works for John and Elizabeth Proctor and who is also involved in accusing people of being witches Mary Warren
John Proctor A local member of the church who has opposed many of Mr. Parris unnecessary expenditures
John’s wife who discovers that her husband has committed adultery with Abigail Williams Elizabeth Proctor
One of the oldest men in the community, who is brutally put to death because he challenged the proceedings of the court. Giles Corey
The minister who first instigates the investigations but later see through them and recants Reverend John Hale
One of the men appointed by the court to help in the arrest of the supposed witches Ezekiel Chever
The man who is in charge of arresting all of the accused witches Marshall Herrick
A special judge sent for this occasion who is dedicated to removing all witches and who will not allow anyone to tamper with his authority Deputy Governor Danforth
A pathetic old beggar woman who is one of the first to be accused of being a witch. Sarah Good
The jailer Hopkins
one of the most respected men of the community who also tries to stop the investigations Francis Nurse
a lady of immense goodness and respect who is later accused of being a witch. Rebecca Nurse

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