The Crucible Final Test

What does act 1 reveal about Abigail’s prior relationship with the Proctor family? she was their maid. She and John Proctor had an affair and Goody Proctor fired her.
why does Abigail not want Betty to reeveal that Abby drank a charm to kill Goody Proctor? it would reveal Abby to be a liar about GP and she doesn’t want anybidy to know about the affair.
What was the prevalent philosophy of Salem at the time of the incidents in the play? hardwork pays off. they believed that in thier steady hands they held the candle that would light the world.
where and when is the opening scene of the play set? small upper bedroom, Salem MA, spring 1692
what is Rev. Parris so distraught T the beginning of Act 1? what unnerves him about the report of Susan Walcott brings from Doctor Griggs? Why does Samuel Parris send for the Rev John Hale. Parris is not well liked in the village and witchcraft would ruin his reputation and he would get kicked out of town. Rev. Hale is a witchcraft expert.
what information does Miller tell us about Thomas Putnam in his expository aside? richest man in town. his own name and honor has been smirched by the village amd he means to right the matter.
just before the arrival of John Hale, what are some of the subjects for petty disagreement among Proctor, Corey, Putnam, and Parris? arguing over Parris’s firewood amd salary
what is the meaning of the title the crucible in the title of the play? what kind of play does the title lead you to expect? severe test or trial.
what are Parris’s principal flaws or moral weaknesses? selfish and self-centered
how would you describe the atmosphere or mood at the end of this act? what mightthe atmosphere foreshadow about future events in the town of Salem? gloomy and dark, something bad is going to happen, hysteria
where does the story take place? Salem, Ma
why is Parris nervous when the play opens? betty is sick with an unknown illness
what really happened in the woods the night before? the girls danced woth tituba. Mercy Lewis was seen naked. Abigail drank chicken blood to kill Elizabeth Proctor. Ann Putnam sent Ruth to conjure her dead babies.
what do we learn about Proctor and Abigail’s relationship? they had an affai while abigail worked at the proctor household. Proctor stopped the affair but Abigail wants to continue the relationship.
why does the town assume witchcraft is the cause of the girl’s sickness? can’t explain sickness, suggested by the Putnams, witches were recently found in Beverly.
who first suggests that witchcraft is the cause? Ann Putnam
why does Parris reject witchcraft as the cause? doesn’t want wktchcraft in his house, worried about how others will percieve him, his enemies would have more reasons to hate him?
why is Reverand Hale called to Salem? to determine if Rith and Betty are bewitched, found witches in Beverly, he is an expert.
why does Ann Putnam admit to doing? sent Rutht o conjure her dead babies
what is Rebecca Nusre known for? having many healthy children, being a kind and caring mother, being Godly, acts of kindness
who is the first person to be called a witch? Tituba
which girls begin calling out names at the end of Act 1? Abigail and Betty
Betty accuses: George Jacobs, Goody Howe, Alice Barrow, Goody Bibber
Abby accuses: Goody Good, Goody Osburn, Goody Siber, Goody Haeking, Goody Booth
why do you think Miller includes the details of John Proctor returning home at the beginning of Act 2? what does this suggest about Proctor? he is hiding things from his wife
why does John feel “a certain disappointment” after kissing his wife? their marriage is still on the mend
how can John’s comments be interpreted symbolically when he talks to Elizabeth about gathering flowers from their farm? What is the “winter” he is referring to? hoopeful symbol for the rebirth of marriage, the marriage abigail killed
describe the relationship between John and Elizabeth. explain the metaphornof the “everlasting funeral” that John sees in Elizabeth’s heart. tense, awkward, marriage won’t be the same
at the beginning of the act, why does Elizabeth want John to go to Salem? to tell the court that it is not witchcraft and the girls are just pretending
according to Elizabeth, what is Abigail’s true objective in court? to kill Elizabeth
why does everyone follow Abigail as if she were a “saint” everyone believes her, she is the leader of the pack, she is the preacher’s niece
how do you interpret Mary Warren’s visions and accusations? What clues does Miller give us about her motivations? she is weak and wants to belong
why has Rebecca Nurse been jailed? for murder of Goody Putnams babies
why does Rev. Hale become suspicious of the Proctors? What is the irony in Hale’s urging Proctor to show “charity”? they question the witchcraft, they don’t know all the commandments, the court is not showing charity
by the end of act 2 who is the protaganist? John Proctor
who is the antagonist by the end of act 2? Abigail
what does Prctor want MW to testify? abigail saw MW put the needle in the doll
three external conflicts in the play Abigail and JohnAbigail and ElizabethElizabeth and the court
how can Proctor’s conflict relate to a broader conflict inthe play? public behavior versus personal truth
where does act 2 take place? Proctor’s house- 8 days later
why is there tension between Proctor and his wife? because of John’s affair with Abigail
how is Mary Warren different in Act 2 from Act 1? she is standing up for hersellf, she taks back, she supports Abigail
what women are taken in the jailer’s wagon? Martha Corey, Rebecca Nurse, Elizabeth Proctor
in act 2, how does Hale’s view of witchcraft in Slem differ frim Act 1? he is starting to doubt as he meets the families in question. he questions Abigail’s motives but believes young girls are not capable of revenge
why are only two of Proctor’s children baptized? Proctor doesn’t like Parris and does not want the reverend to “touch” his children
what commandment did John forget? Why is this significant? Adultery- the commandment thar joh has broken
How does Abigail know that there would be a needle in the belly of the poppet in the Proctor’s house. She saw MW put the needle in the doll then stabbed herself and blamed Elizabeth
Why does John call Hale a coward? Hale refuses to see that truth because it will show he is not able to find witches
What is MW afraid Abigail will do if she tells the court that they really are not possessed? Abigail and the girls will turn on her, blame her, accuse her
3 examples of Hale’s “leading questions” 1. does someone afflict you? Perhaps a bird invisible to others…2. did you feel any strangeness? a cold wind…3. have you sold yourself to Lucifer?
how have the charges agaist Martha Corey escalated since Act 2 bewitching animails, to fortune telling, to bewitching children
what dies Giles mean when he says that he has broken charity with the woman? he has failed his wife by saying something about the books
why do you think Hale intervenes when Danforth begins to bring judgement on John for plowing on Sunday instead of attending church? What is he feeling at this point in the proceedings? he thinks the court is being unjust and unfair
what does Danforth do with the list of people supporting Rebecca and Martha? brings all 91 people to court
why does Parris begin to sweat when the petition and list of names are presented? it is his word against 91 oothers
why is Danforth so deliberate and carefuk in his questioning of Abigail and her followers? he needs to know Abigail is telling the truth
why does Miller have John Proctor admit his guilt through “crying out” rather than through a letter or petition? What does the scene accomplish? he is building the action up
“i have made a bell of honor! i have eung the doom of my good name…” what does this metaphor mean? How does it capture Proctor’s situation? he has ruined his name- announced his own distruction.
what does Proctor mean by “the last night of my joy?” what is he saying about the past 8 months? the last night before he cheated, the last eight months were horrible
what test does Danforth devise to determine why Abigail was put out of the Proctor’s house? ask Elizabeth
why does Elizabeth lie when asked about the affair? How is her action ironic? to protect her husband’s name she cannot save him anyway
what does Hale mean when he asks if every defense is an attack upon the court? how has Hale chandged by the end of the act? “are the accusers innocent?”, he reliezes they are crazy and injust
is Giles Corey correct in his assessment of Danforth? corey thinks danforth is like Parris
Why does Danforth lose his temper with Parris? Parris keeps trying to rule the court
How does Mary respond when Danforth asks her to explain the “crupying out”? she doesn’t know
what does Mary mean by ” i am with God?” do you rhink the prssure will cause Mary to recant her story? she is doing the right thing by telling the truth, she thinks God will protect her, the pressure is too much for her
what does “sport with” mean? tease somebody
what is abigails “vision” the yellow bird
why does MW reject the truh and condemn John? Abigail went against her , she can’t survive by herself, she is to weak
what does Proctor mean when he says that “God id dead?” there is no more justice, no more morality, no more meaning in Salem, and all that is left is Abigail.
where does act 3 take place? court house
what evidence does Giles Corey bring to the court? he points out that the people whi are accusing others have land interests.
what dies Danforth tell proctor so that he will drop the charges on the court? how does Proctor respond? He tells him that Proctor’s wife is pregnant. Proctor is surprised and relieved.
Why does Elizabeth’s sentence get postponed? she is pregnant
what happens to the people who signed the petition to help Rebecca Nurse? they are all called to court
when Giles presents his charges to the court, why won’t they accept him? mr. Putnam callls him a liar, and he is unable to disprove the charge with evidence because he will not give up the person who gave him the information that accuses Mr. Putnam of having dealings with sending innocents too jail.
what does Hale ask the judges to do before hearing Proctor and Gile’s argument to hear MW testimony
MW at first admits to the judges that the girls are pretending. why does she change her mind? She is scared as they begin to pretend to see a bird
what do the girls do when MW accuses them of pretending? the girls act as if she is possessing them
what does Proctor admit to the judges about Abigail? he admits to their affair
what does Elizabeth do that discredits Proctor’s accusation of Abigail? Elizabeth denies knowing about Proctor’s affair with Abigail
why was John arrested? MW accuses him of making her sign teh Devil’s biok. When sked to confess his “black allegiance,” ha answers that “God is dead”
The turning point of the playbtakes place in Act 3. what event do you think is the turning point and why? the turning point of the story is when Elizabeth lies to the court. It is the turning point because if she had told the truth, the ending would be very different.
Why has Rev. Hale returned to Salem? pray with the accused, try to get them to confess so they will live.
Why does Hale say he has come “to do the Devil’s work”? what motivates his actions? he wants them to “lie” and confess to witchcraft so they will live, lessen his own guilt and save people who didn’t do anything
what news about Abigail does Oarris give Danforth? that she has vanished and taken all his money
What events precede the sudden disappearance of Abigail and Mercy Lewis? John and other prominant citizens are in jail. and her rerason to stay is gone.
what does Parris fear about the response of the people in Andover? there will be a riot in Salem
Why does Hale consel Elizabeth to persuade Proctor to lie? so he will stay alive, he is innocent, it should be his own decision
what two things does Elizabeth say she is unavle to do for John? she can’t judge him or forgive him
how do you interpret Miller’s statement that john and elizabeth inhabit a world “beyond srrow, above it all”? they have nothing, they don’t care if they have nothing because thay have each other.
What motivations does Proctor have for confessing? At the same time, why does he see his confession as deeply ironic? he wants to stay with Elizabeth and the baby, he gets rid of his own guilt, he wants to live. it is cowardly wither way.
in the pllay’s climax, proctor destroy’s his own confession. Why does he ultimantely choose his “goodness” better to live in God’s grace than lie and watch others be hung.
why does Danforth want a written statement his signature has a lot of power in the village and it would persuade other people to confess
where does act 4 take place? the gallows-6 months later
where do Sarah Good and Tituba think they are going? to meet the devil
what happened in Andover? they revolted against the witch trials
why has Parris asked Hale to return to the jails? to get people to confess
what has happened to Abigail? she stole money and ran away
what is the difference between those who were previously hanged and those who will hang? these people are upstanding citizens who are well-known and well-liked in the community
what does Parris ask the judges to do? he asks them to postpone the hangings
why doe Parris want Hale to bring Rebecca Nurse,Martha Crey, and John Proctor to God? he is recieving threats and he is afraid. he’s hoping that a confession will save his reputation.
what threat did Parris recieve? a dagger in his door
what has happened to the town of Salem since the people have been jailed? people are unhappy with the state of the village
why does Proctor change his mond after confessing? he does not want to damn anyone else or make a mockery of their rightousness
who does Proctor claim to have seen the Devil? no one
who is hanged i the final act? Rebecca Nurse, Martha Corey, and John Proctor

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