The Crucible Character List

Reverend Parris Minister of Salem; paranoid, power-hungry, and self-pitying; disliked by many of members of community
Betty Parris 10-year-old girl who is daughter of the town pastor; falls into a stupor after night in the woods with other girls
Tituba Black slave from Barbados; agrees to perform voodoo
Abigail Williams Niece of the town pastor; leads a group of girls in a lie that ruins the town
Mrs. Ann Putnam Woman who has given birth to eight children but only one has survived; convinced children killed by a supernatural power
Thomas Putnam Uses the witchcraft trials to his own gain; his daughter is “afflicted” by a spirit; has a grudge against Francis Nurse
Ruth Putnam “Falls” into a strange stupor after being out with the other girls; she is the only child of her parents
Mercy Lewis Servant in Putnam’s house; one of the girls caught in the forest
Mary Warren Servant of Proctors; timid girl who is easily influenced
John Proctor A local farmer who had an affair with one of the girls of Salem; refuses to repent or admit to witchcraft
Rebecca Nurse Wise, sensible, and upright woman; falls victims to the hysteria when she is accused of witchcraft but will not confess
Giles Corey Elderly but feisty farmer; famous for filing lawsuits; his wife is accused of witchcraft; he is charge with contempt of court and killed
Martha Corey Her reading habits get her in trouble; convicted of witchcraft for that habit
Reverend John Hale Minister who is an expert in witchcraft who is called to Salem; later regrets his decisions at the end of the play
Elizabeth Proctor Wife of one of accused; she is a virtuous woman who has been wronged but is able to forgive
Francis Nurse A wealthy, influential man; enemy of the Putnams; wife is accused of witchcraft
Ezekiel Cheever Clerk of court; upright man who is determined to do his duty for justice
Herrick Marshal of Salem
Hathorne Judge who presides over the trial along with Danforth
Danforthh Deputy Governor of Massachusetts; presiding judge of witchcraft trial

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