The Crucible Character Analysis

Abigail Williams 17 year old niece of Rev.ParrisHad an affair with John
Abi: Motivation To protect herselfHer desire to have John Proctor all to herselfWitnessing her parent’s death
Abi: Personality Traits Good at deceiving othersViolentUntrustworthyLeaderVengeful
Betty Parris 10 year old daughter of Rev. Parris
Betty: Motivation Scared to get in trouble
Betty: Personality Traits Scared
Reverend Parris Salem’s minister; disliked by many people in the town
Parris: Motivation The fact that he has many enemies who want him gone from SalemDoesn’t want people to find out the truth about what happened in the woodsWants to persecute his enemies
Parris: Personality Traits DefensiveSelf-absorbedNervousParanoid
Ann Putnam Mother of Ruth and seven babies who died at birth
Mrs. Putnam: Motivation Depression from losing seven childrenDesire for revenge for the death of her children
Mrs. Putnam: Personality Traits ParanoidCrazyDepressed
Mary Warren The Proctor’s current servant
Warren: Motivation Her fear of Mr. ProctorHer fear of Abigail and the other girls
Warren: Personality Traits Submissive and inferiorUnreliableNaiveLonely
Thomas Putnam Father of RuthRichest man in the village who can afford to buy any land forfeited by a “witch”
Mr. Putnam: Motivation Accused others as a way to gain their landWants to persecute his enemies
Mr. Putnam: Personality Traits Well-to-do, hard-handed landownerUsed to getting his wayVindictive
Tituba Rev. Parris’s slave from Barbados
Tituba: Motivation She knows she can never win because of who she isShe’s smart enough to know how to save herself
Titbua: Personality Traits Intimidated by authoritySmart
John Proctor Husband to Elizabeth; had an affair with Abigail
Mr. Proctor: Motivation Doesn’t want his secret to come out His dignityHis desire to do what is right
Mr. Proctor: Personality Traits Cautious ReasonableDignified
Elizabeth Proctor Wife of John Proctor
Mrs. Proctor Motivation Her faith in GodTo preserve her dignityTo protect her husband
Mrs. Proctor: Personality Traits PracticalTenderheartedReasonableHonest
Giles Corey 83 year old man who provides comic relief in the play
Corey: Motivation To feel/look/sound importantTo protect the innocent
Corey: Personality Traits SharpCleverInquisitivePhysically strong
Reverend Hale An expert on witchcraft Comes to Salem to investigate possible witchcraft
Hale: Motivation His experience and knowledgeHis faith in the courtHis conscience telling him what the real truth is
Hale: Personality Traits Quick to come to conclusionsDoesn’t consider all the factsPracticalGood-intention
Danforth The deputy governor of the province Leads the witchcraft trials
Danforth: Motivation Maintain the court’s authority
Danforth: Personality Traits AuthoritativePowerfulIntimidating
Rebecca Nurse 72 year old woman from Salem
Nurse: Motivation Her faith and her wisdom
Nurse: Personality Traits Highly respectedWiseGentleFairLogical
Mercy Lewis 17 year old girl The Puntnams’ servant
Lewis: Motivation To protect herself and Abigail
Lewis: Personality Traits SlyMerciless
Marshal Herrik An authority of the court
Herrik: Motivation His duty to the courtHis guilty conscience
Herrik: Personality Traits DutifulGuilty Conscience

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