“The Crucible” Book vs. Movie

Mary Warren points to Abigail when Hale asks the girls about the dancing in the woods. Movie
Girls cast charms to make males love them Movie
A frog jumps into the boiling pot Book
Elizabeth Proctor says to tell her sons she’s gone to visit a sick friend Book
Giles Corey makes fun of Parris and his Harvard degree Both
The girls dancing in the forest is a flashback Book
“Your justice would freeze beer” – Proctor Both
Abigail mentions how her parents died Both
Mercy Lewis is naked in the woods Book
Proctor tells Abigail he’ll see her in Hell Movie
Tituba is beaten into confession Movie
Abigail and Proctor talk about their affair inside the house Book
Mercy Lewis tries to slap Betty awake Both
Abigail claims Elizabeth Proctor bit her breast Movie
Hale denounces the court proceedings Both
George Jacobs appears in court Movie
Abigail steals money with Mercy Lewis Both
George Jacobs is hanged for witchcraft Movie
The line “More Weight” is said by Giles Corey Movie
The girls mock Mary Warren in court Both
Parris wants Proctor’s confession as he is being led away to be hung Both
Sara Good confesses to witchcraft because she’s pregnant Book
Reverend Hale examines Ruth Movie
Abigail pulls a needle out of her stomach at the dinner table Book
Mr. Putnam brings up Sara Good and Sara Osborne to Tituba Book
Tituba is threatened into confession Book
Giles Corey makes fun of Betty’s condition Book
Ruth Putnam testifies in court against George Jacobs Movie
Abigail gropes John Proctor and they kiss as they talk about their affair outdoors Movie
Martha Corey laughs at the court proceedings Movie
Elizabeth speaks to Proctor in jail Book
“There are wheels within wheels” – Mrs. Putnam Book
Andover is never mentioned Movie
Abigail tries to accuse Rev. Hale’s wife of witchcraft Movie
Abigail meets John Proctor in the woods to talk about her afflictions she has received by George Jacobs Movie
People avoid Abigail in the streets Movie
People act as if Abigail is a saint Both
A list of people condemned to execution are read out loud Both
Abigail comes to see Proctor while he is in prison Movie
Tituba and Sara Good say they are going back to Barbados Book
John Proctor, Rebecca Nurse, and Martha Corey are hung in front of the townspeople Movie

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