The Crucible Allusions

Elizabeth says “where |Abigail| walks, the crowd will part like the sea for Israel.” God commanded Moses to part the Red Sea to enable Jews to escape from the Egyptians into Canaan, and everyone in the court room parts for Abigail to walk through because she has the power to accuse anyone.
Francis calls his wife, Rebecca Nurse, “the brick and mortar of the church.” The church walls are made of brick and mortars, so Francis is saying that his wife is just as important to the church as its bricks and mortars.
Hale says “until an hour before the Devil fell, God thought him beautiful in Heaven.” Lucifer was an angel in Heaven and God’s favorite angel until he tried to become God, so Hale is saying that people can be decieving on the outside.
Proctor calls Hale “Pontius Pilate” saying that “God will not let |him| wash |his| hands of this.” The Roman leader who condemned Jesus to be crucified, so Proctor is saying that Hale will regret his decision and is making a mistake.

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