The Crucible: Act Three Irony

Judge Danforth:”I have seen marvels in this court. I haveseen people choked before my eyes by spirits; I have seen them stuck by pinsand slashed by daggers.” Dramatic Irony:The reader already knows that all these irregular events are set up by Abigail. Though Danforth does not know this so he sides with her.
John Proctor:”In her life, sir, she have never lied. There are them that cannot sing, andthem that cannot weep – my wife cannot lie.” Situational Irony:John Proctor say that his wife can’t lie only for her to come out and lie about why Abigail was dismissed from their service.
Judge Danforth and Elizabeth Proctor: “…Why did you dismiss AbigailWilliams?””She – dissatisfied me….. And my husband. “ Dramatic Irony:We, the reader, already know that John Proctor committed adultery, and admitted it, but Elizabeth does not so she lies to protect him.
Abigail Williams:”Oh, Mary, this is a black art tochange your shape. No, I cannot, I cannot stop my mouth; it’s God’s work I do. “ Verbal Irony:Oppose to what Abigail is saying she is actually doing the exact opposite. Instead of doing God’s work she is doing the Devil’s work.
John Proctor:”A fire is burning! I hear the boot of Lucifer, I see his filthy face!” Verbal Irony:He is calling the people on court, who believe to be doing God’s work, Lucifer for not considering the the girls are lying.

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