The Crucible Act One

Define Crucible A vessel made of refractory substance made for melting materials at high temps. The bottom of the ore furnace in which molten metal collects. A severe test or trial
What is a “parochial snobbery” and how did it apply to the puritans Parochial snobbery is a religious person that thinks that there better than others. The puritans were totally intolerant of others beliefs Especially the Indians
What are some reasons Miller gives reasons for why the witch hunts begin? 1. people had problems with neighbors that were outgoing2. the hunts were a way to settle these problems3. people wanted to do their own thing but weren’t allowed to so they went anyways and rebelled
What does the doctor prolly mean when he suggests that Parris “look to unnatural things” Betty’s sickness wasn’t normal, The doc said that he doesn’t have any type of medicine for Betty’s sickness.
Why don’t Abigail and Parris want Susanna to speak of the doctors suspicions in the village? it would ruin Parris’s Rep and would cost a Uproar in the village
What do you think Tituba and Abigail were doing in the Forrest? They were summoning Ruth’s dead sisters and they were dancing.
what kind of person is Abigail? she is a good liar and she’s sneaky and sassy
Why does Parris get upset with Abigail Parris knows that Abigail is not telling the truth
What does Parris mean when he says “Your name in the town-it is entirely white, is it not?” he’s asking Abigail if she has a good rep in the village
What might Reverend Hale’s arrival foreshadow? it foreshadows that they will soon find evidence of witchcraft.
Give one reason why Thomas Putnam was bitter and vindictive he wanted his relative to become the minister but didn’t get the job
What is Abigail accomplishing when she says “Not I, Sir-Tituba and Ruth”? she is trying to shift the blame to Tituba and Ruth
why do you think Putnam wants Parris to declare that he’s discovered witchcraft? he wanted to see Parris’s Rep tarnished
After reading Abigail’s part, what more can you tell about her? Violent, mentally unstable, traumatized, sociopath
How do Abigail and John feel about their relationship? Abigail: doesn’t want the relationship to be overJohn: he feels the relationship is over
How does Abigail describe Elizabeth Proctor? why? Abigail describes Elizabeth as a cold, sniveling woman who controls john. she is jealous of Elizabeth and wants john.
What happened between the Nurses and The Putnam’s in the past to cause discord? 1. they argued over land ownership2. the Nurses didn’t want Bailey to be minister
How does Rebecca nurse explains Betty’s and Ruth’s sickness? Rebecca thinks the child’s are being silly and when they are tired they will stop
What reason does John give for avoiding church John avoids church because Parris never talks about god and only talks about hell and damnation
What might reverend Hale’s experience with “the witch in his parish” foreshadow? Foreshadowing=”hints”, Hale will prolly accuse someone of being a witch.
How does Hale view himself and his mission to Salem Hale views himself as a hero ready to save the day with his knowledge of witchcraft.
Why does Abigail accuse Tituba but not the other girls Abigail accuses Tituba because she has social power

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