The Crucible Act III

Why is Giles Cory expelled from court? Why won’t Danforth hear his evidence? Why is Cory arrested? Giles is arrested after being held in contempt of court for refusing to reveal the name of his informant to the court. Giles deposition is an attempt to prove that Putnam wants Jacob’s to hang so he will forfeit his property. Danforth refuses to hear the evidence unless Giles reveals the name of the person. However, Giles Corey will not reveal the name as he doesn’t want to bring harm to this individual by the court or Putnam’s vengeance.
Why is Mary Warren in court? What does she tell Danforth? Why is Danforth suspicious of her and of Proctor? Why does Proctor remind her of the angel Raphael? Mary Warren is in court because Proctor needs her to tell the court the truth and free his wife. Mary tells Danforth that she was lying and that all of the girls are lying. – Danforth is suspicious because this is the first he’s heard of this and he doesn’t believe everyone could have lied. – Danforth is suspicious of Mary and Proctor because he thinks Proctor is threatening Mary into this confession. He tells her that God dam ns all liars – didn’t she realize that “people would hang by her evidence?”Proctor reminds Mary of the angel Raphael that says “Do that which is good, and not harm will come to thee.” Proctor wants her to believe that she is doing the right thing by telling the truth, yet this is irony – we know that the signers of the deposition have already come to harm.
How does Parris nullify Proctor’s testament? How is Giles’s deposition turned against him? Parris invalidates them by calling Proctor a bad Christian and telling the court how he doesn’t go to church and even works on Sunday, Sabbath day. Giles deposition is turned against him when he is unwilling to betray anyone else. Giles is then arrested for contempt of court
What is the professed purpose of the court? Why doesn’t the court need witnesses? What does this suggest about the proceedings? The purpose of the court is justice and rid Salem of the Devil and sin. The government is a theocracy, therefore God is the only true witness. This is suggests that the proceedings are wrong because anyone can accuse any person of witchcraft whether they witnesses it or not. Additionally, there should be no witnesses being relied on with this belief.
Why does Proctor confess lechery? Why does he think Danforth and Hathorne will believe his confession? Why don’t they believe him? John Proctor confesses because he wants to save his wife from being accused of witchcraft. This is difficult for the crime of lechery or adultery is a grave offense. Proctor is deeply ashamed of this truth. He thinks Danforth and Hathorne will believe him because because his wife is a good woman. However, Danforth doesn’t trust Proctor’s word.
How is Elizabeth’s testimony used against Proctor? Why is this an unfair test of Elizabeth’s word against John’s? She knows lechery is a grave sin, but she also knows that her husband is remorseful. It is unfair because she does not know that John confessed to his sin, and by lying for him, is in essence, condemning him. This is unfair for we know she is trying to protect her husband from death.
How does Abigail turn the court against Mary Warren? Proctor asked Mary to testify that the girls are lying. Abigail, fearing retribution from Danforth, claims to see evil spirits in the courtroom.
Why does Hale denounce the proceedings? What should have been the effect of his denunciation? Why is it not? Hale is starting to feel guilt based on his signature of the death warrants. Hale has signed away many people to die by request of the court, but he is beginning to recognize the true motives (Putnam’s motivation for land; Parris’ need for power; Abigail’s revenge. The courts are not delivering due justice.

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