The Crucible Act III

What is the setting? vestry room of the Salem meeting house
What is happening? Martha Corey is standing trial for witchcraft
A character that enhances another character through contrast foil
Who is a foil for Abigail Williams? Elizabeth Proctor
Without mercy Remorseless
What is hathorne remorseless about? He has no pity or concern for the people he condemns
What does Giles mean when he says he “broke charity” with his wife? He acted unlovingly by giving testimony about her book reading — evidence that allowed them to charge her with witchery
A legal document containing a sworn statement made in the presence of a court official Affidavit
How does the author reveal Deputy Governor Danforth’s character as the deputy questions both Giles and Francis? He is condescending to both Giles and Francis as if they don’t realize how important he is
Figuratively, what is a situation in which people’s souls are tested and changed through leadership? A crucible
Why does Danforth question the truth of Proctor’s wife? He thinks a husband would do anything to protect his wife
What other reason does Danforth suspect may have caused Proctor to come forth? He thinks Proctor may want to overthrow or undermine the court
What is an example of foreshadowing in The Crucible? During the brief exchange between Proctor and Danforth, Proctor reinforces this conviction that Elizabeth could never lie. However, Elizabeth will lie when she is called to testify.
How has Proctor’s behavior in the court changed? He is calmly pleading for his wife’s safety, defending his friends’ wives also
How might Hale function as a foil? He foils Parris and Danforth because he is the voice of reason
Explain Giles Corey’s accusations of Putnam. Giles accused Putnam of telling his daughter to cry witchery on George Jacobs because he wants Jacobs’ land
What is an example of irony in the story? Giles considers himself an expert in legal matters, and in the past, he’s frequently used the courts for his own advantage. Now, in trying to expose the truth and honor his promise to protect his neighbor, he finds himself facing arrest.
How has Hale changed since he first arrived in Salem? Why does it seem that Hale is trying to help Proctor? He came to town thinking he would find witchcraft and begins to doubt the judgement process. He also wants to help Proctor because he thinks he has valid evidence
What does the phrase “at the bar” mean? Working as a lawyer
To give a false testimony under oath perjury
Summarize what Danforth tells the girls before he allows any of them to speak. Many testified against them and the law is based upon the Bible and that both forbid witchery and lying. He knows the Devil may have conquered Mary Warren and he demands that they tell the truth because he’ll go easier on them
What are the motives for Parris’ response to the evidence to save Elizabeth Proctor? -He doubts the evidence to save her-He defends Abigail’s behavior by saying she was under Tituba’s control-He doesn’t like Proctor-If the girls are discovered lying his reputation is ruined
How does Parris react when he is questioned about the girls’ dancing and how much he knew about it? He lies and says he didn’t see them dancing
A make-believe act, the act of pretending Pretense
What does Parris ask Mary to do? Why? Faint because if she was pretending, she could do it on command
Why is Mary not able to faint? She isn’t motivated to do it because everyone is staring at her
What does Mary mean when she says that she only thought she saw spirits, but she really didn’t? She made herself believe she saw them because the other girls believed it
How does Poctor approach the revelation of his shameful truth? What motivates him to reveal his affair with Abigail? He’s motivated to save Elizabeth and unburden his soul. He no longer cares what happens to him and he must do what’s right
Explain what Proctor means when he says that “a man will not cast away his good name.” He will not voluntarily ruin his good reputation
Explain how the author characterizes Elizabeth’s feelings during this inquisition by Elizabeth. Hesitant and nervous and unsure of what to say. She feels protective of her husband’s honor
Why would Danforth insist that Elizabeth meet his eyes while testifying? To make sure she is telling the truth and that she doesn’t get any answer from John or Abigail
Explain the irony in Elizabeth’s situation. (Consider her upright character and why she is being questioned.) Proctor said she would never lie and she does
How has Hale’s opinion of the Proctors changed? When he first visited them he was doubtful. He later realized Abigail was lying for her own grave reasons.
What clues does the author give us that Mary may not be able to withstand the pressure from the other girls? She is becoming distressed, her voice weakens and softens
Why is Proctor saying these things to Mary? (“God d**** all liars!”; “Remember the angel Raphael–do that which is good”) He wants her to tell the truth because he can see her starting to back down
Why does Mary finally give in? She can no longer resist the pressure
Of what does Mary accuse Proctor? Forcing her to come to court and threatening her to murder if she didn’t
With whom does Mary realign herself? Abigail and the girls
What dreadful consequences could this leave for Elizabeth and John? Both could be convicted of perjury and witchcraft
Summarize what happens after Abigail pretends to see the “bird.” Mary turns on John Proctor. She says he aligns himself with the Devil. John declares God is dead because he is so distraught

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