The Crucible Act II SparkNotes

What is the setting of Act II? common room of the Proctor’s house
What did Mary Warren do that was against Elizabeth’s order to remain in the house? Why? go to the witch trials in Salem; she is an official of the court
What will happen to the accused witches if they do not confess? They will be hanged.
What does Elizabeth want her husband to say in court? When did she say this? Why can’t Proctor prove his allegation? The trials are fake; after Proctor is baffled about the hysteria, & tells her that Abigail had sworn her dancing didn’t involve witchcraft; he can’t prove himself because the information was provided when they were alone
Elizabeth loses all faith in her husband upon hearing that he & Abigail were alone together. How long ago was the affair? What does John mean when he tells Elizabeth, “I’ll plead my honesty no more”? 7 months ago; he wants her to stop judging him because he feels like his home is a courtroom
What does Mary Warren reveal about Elizabeth? That she was accused of witchcraft
What gift does Mary give to Elizabeth, and what is the later significance of this gift? doll that she sewed in court; 2 inch stabbing of Abigail Williams in the stomach during dinner because the doll had a needle in the same place
What “hard proof, hard as a rock” do Mary Warren and the court have against Sarah Osborne? When accused of mumbling a curse, she stated she was mumbling the commandments. When asked to name them, she couldn’t.
When Proctor instructs Mary to go to bed, what does she demand that he stop doing? ordering her around
Even though the person who accused Elizabeth of witchcraft is unknown, who does Elizabeth suspect? Why? Abigail; to rid Elizabeth so she can be with John
Why does Hale appear to the Proctor home? Who had he just visited? he wants to speak with everyone whose name has been mentioned in connection with witchcraft; Rebecca Nurse
According to John Proctor, why hasn’t his youngest son been baptized? he does not like Parris’s particular theology
When Hale asked Proctor to recite the Ten Commandments, which one does he forget? adultery
What explanation does Proctor offer to Hale as to why Tituba, Sarah Good, and numerous others have confessed to witchcraft? they don’t want to be hanged
With what crime is Rebecca Nurse charged? supernatural murders of Mrs. Putnam’s babies
According to Giles Corey, why has his wife, Martha, been arrested? a man named bought a pig from her & it died soon after; he wanted his money back. Martha refused & said he didn’t know how to care for a pig & every pig he bought after died as well. He accused Martha of bewitching them with her books.
Ezekiel Cheever and Herrick, the town marshal, arrive with a warrant for Elizabeth’s arrest. Why is Hale is surprised by this? What did Cheever and Herrick ask ELizabeth? last he heard, Elizabeth was not charged with anything; if she owned any poppets
What evidence is used to bring Elizabeth to trial? The doll that Mary Warren has given her
What does John do when Elizabeth is arrested and taken away? lose his temper and rips the warrant
When John asks why the accuser is always considered innocent, what are Hale’s views on the accusations of witchcraft? less and less certain
Why does John say to let Abigail charge him for lechery? because it will ruin her image as a “saint”
Why won’t Mary Warren testify that she gave the doll to Elizabeth and Abigail put the needle in the doll? She is afraid of what Abigail will do to her.

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