The Crucible Act 4

what is Reverend Hale advising the condemned to do? lie and confess rather than die because it is the “lesser of two sins”
what does Parris reveal about his niece Abigail? Abigail stole his money and has run away
what is the condition of Salem at this point? chaos- crops are rotting, livestock has been abandoned, and children are left without parents
how does Andover differ from Salem? Andover did not succumb to the witchcraft hysteria
how do the proposed hangings of Nurse and Proctor differ from past executions? they both have good reputations and the citizens believe that they are innocent.
what does Reverend Hale mean when he says, “there is blood on my head!” he feels guilty for those that he has condemned
why does Danforth refuse to postpone the hangings? he states it shows a weakness on his part and raises doubt over the deaths of the 12 he has sentenced- he cannot admit that he is wrong and has lied after they have gotten this far with the trials
what do Hale and Danforth request of Elizabeth Proctor? they want her to persuade John to confess
what happened to Giles Corey? he refuses to name his informant and is pressed to death by rocks. By not confessing, he dies nobly and lets his sons take his land
what is John’s excuse for confessing? he is a fallen sinner
how has Elizabeth changed since we first met her? she no longer judges John and recognizes her own sins
after John confesses, what does Danforth want him to do? sign the document so it can be made public in the village
what does the following quote mean:”I am John Proctor! You will not use me!” Proctor will not be made an example of to the prisoners because it would degrade his reputation
what does Hale attribute Proctor’s willingness to hang to? and Elizabeth? pride, goodness
what category do the following characters fall under?Danforth, Herrick, Cheever, Hathorne court officials
what category do the following characters fall under?Parris, the Girls, Putnams, Tituba accuser
what category do the following characters fall under?Proctors, Tituba, Nurse, Corey, Osborn, Goode Accused
why does Danforth treat Parris with contempt in Act 4? the thinks that Parris is a fool for trusting Abigail- Parris is motivated by greed
“if this confession is a lie, I will not take it” “I will not deal in lies”-Danforth irony because all of the past confessions he has been taking have been lies
“Who weeps for these (accused) weeps for corruption” irony- the people weep for injustice of the court system
“I cannot withold from them the perfection of their punishment.” irony- Danforth believes that he is doing God’s work but he’s killing innocent people
what lesson has Elizabeth learned from her imprisonment? she learns humility and that she cannot blame Proctor, but she must blame herself.
What is the climax of act 4? Proctor tears up the written confession he signed
how is the crucible an allegory for McCarthyism? it points out the corruption of the trials and how people in high power symbolically had no power because their thoughts were so wrong- misusing justice and power
what are examples of characters maintain dignity in the face of injustice? Giles Corey – “more weight”Nurse- wouldn’t confess to something she did not doProctor tearing his confession
How would you interpret Danforth’s claim “There is a prodigious stench in this place” if he is aware, which is likely, the stench of corruption in his court. If not , he is simply avoiding the truth
what theme:even an honest man who makes a mistake can do great harmReverend HaleProctor holding back the information from the court due to feelings pride and vanity
what theme:by possessing this, one can perform heroicallyCorey and Nurse integrity
what theme:this is stronger than the force that tries to destroy itProctor rips the warrant which destroys the court’s powerintegrity and this are a powerful combination truth and lies
what theme:do not be so quickly to condemnProctor and Elizabeth both say that they cannot judge one anotherby learning humility, Elizabeth learns not to do this judgement
what theme:exists in humans and lies in their pride, avarice, envy, malice, and liesJohn’s confession is doubly ironicpuritans are supposed to be surrounded by faith this cannot take place without consequences- “stench in this place”Irony in Sarah Good’s comments about this being a blessed escape devil/evil
what theme:common man can be a hero despite his flaws integrity
what theme:the trials convicting people in order to “protect” the community, but it is really harming it persecution of the innocent destroys the society it claims to be supporting
what theme:McCarthy and Danforth misusing power people in positions of authority are capable of inflicting injustices on innocent people
what theme:unjust people, out of fear , will perpetuate and defend their mistakesDanforth pride
what theme:unresolved conflicts between people can have tragic resultsargument over land with PutnamElizabeth and Proctor conflicts
what theme:deadly combinationpeople fear the witches but in order to “save themselves” they accuse innocent people fear and hypocrisy
what theme:hale feels like it is his fault for the deaths of innocent people and pleads that Proctor will confess so he does not die10 years later, putman’s daughter publicly apologized for the deaths guilt

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