The Crucible Act 4

What is Reverend Hale doing at the Jailhouse? praying and trying to get confessions.
What is happening o the farm animals in the town of Salem? Why ? What happened? The animals have no one to take care of them. So they wander. Sad really. When you think of it.
What has happened to Abigail and Mercy Louis? They stole Parris’s money and ran away. Can’t say he didn’t deserve it. # hash tag wanker gets his
What happened in the town of Andover? Why is Parris afraid of this news? The people of Andover overthrew the main court and rioted. He is afraid this will happen in salem.
What does Parris suggest to Danforth? Why does he make this decision? Parris is afraid for his life, so he wants to postpone the executions.
What other indications does Hale give that the town is falling apart? Children are orphaned and wandering like the cows. Damned shame.
What does Hale mean when he says, ” there is blood on my head! Can you not see the blood on my head?” He is responsible for executions of innocent people.
Why does Danforth refuse to postpone the executions? He didn’t want to appear weak. And he said whoever cries for these people, cries for corruption.
How long has passed since the trials first began? just three months.
What do Hale and Danforth beg Elizabeth to do? Why? What happened? They cant get John to confess, so they want her to convince him.
What does Elizabeth say happened to Giles Corey? he was pressed to death.
What has Proctor been contemplating doing? What is Elizabeth’s response to this? He has been thinking of confessing. She doesn’t judge him. After all, Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition!
What do Danforth and Parris plan to do with Proctor’s confession? hang it on the church door
Why does Proctor refuse to sign the confession? He says you have my confession, why do you need my name? He doesn’t want his name shamed.
What does he do with the confession, and what happens to him as a result? He tears it up, and gets hung. Poor bugger.
What does elizabeth mean by: “He have his goodness now. God Forbid I take it from him”? He has his name still and no one can take that from him. because no one Wants It! GOD !

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