The Crucible: Act 4

Why did Rev. Hale return to Salem? He is guilty of people who are going to get hung, and asks them to lie.
What happened in Andover that’s making Parris anxious? People are being thrown out of court and riots are forming.
Why does Rev. Parris want to postpone the trials? He fears for his life.
What does Hale about the girls to Danforth in court? He asks to pardon them because they are innocent.
What does Parris find out about Abigail? (where she is) She left and stole all of his money. She took off on a ship with Mercy Lewis. But she lied about it and said she was going to Mercy’s house.
How does Danforth respond to Parris and Hale’s requests? He says no, and asks them to act like men and stand up and get behind him.
Why do they decide to let Elizabeth talk to John Proctor? To get John to confess.
Why is John Proctor’s confession so important at this point in the story? The town would rebel if they hung good people like John and Elizabeth.
What has happened to Giles Corey and why? He got killed by getting pressed to death by rocks. This happened because he would not give an answer of yes or no.
How does Elizabeth feel about the way Giles died? She is proud of him for dying for what he believes in.
How does Elizabeth feel about John wanting her approval to confess? She is disappointed in him because she wants him to stand up for himself, but she doesn’t want him to die.
How does John justify lying? He thinks he’s a sinner already so he might as well continue to not tell the truth.
Why will John not allow the confession to be nailed to the door in the church? He doesn’t want his sons to have the reputation of their father being a witch. He doesn’t want their names to be ruined.
What happens during John’s confession? What does he do with the paper? He rips it up.
what does this quote mean? “He have his goodness now. God forbid I take it from him.” Elizabeth says that meaning she doesn’t want to take away his reputation of being a good guy. He was against himself the whole time but he finally forgives himself.
True or False: Tituba is still in jail in the beginning of act 4. True
Who is in jail with Tituba in the beginning of Act 4? Sarah Good
What/ Where is Andover? it is the neighboring town of Salem.
What is happening in Andover? people are getting thrown out of the court
Who tried to get the girls to confess? Rev. Hale
“I have blood on my head. “ -Hale
Who went with Abigail on the ship? Mercy Lewis
Why is Parris worried about hanging the other 7 people? they’re innocent and good Christian people.
Who asks for a postponement of the trials? Rev. Parris
“Now draw yourselves like men and help me.” -Danforth
True or False:Proctor was chained while in the dungeon. True
Why do the judges want to speak to Elizabeth? To get her to confess.
Why didn’t Giles answer the question before he was killed? He didn’t want them to take his land away from him.
What was Elizabeth’s reaction to Giles’ death? She is proud of him for dying for what he believes.
True or False:Elizabeth takes part responsibility for John to commit lechery. True
“Suspicion kissed you when I did.” -Elizabeth
Are the judges happy that John confesses? Yes.
What is Rebecca Nurse’s reaction to John’s confession? She is shocked.
Does Rebecca Nurse ever confess? Nope.
Did John ever sign the confession paper? Yes.
What is the argument that Rev. Hale uses? He says that God is the most precious gift of life.
Do the prisoners agree with the argument that Hale makes about God? No
In history, is the affair between John and Abigail true? No
Does Elizabeth die in History during the trials? No
How many years after the trials does Elizabeth remarry? 4 years
What happened to Parris after the trials were over? He was kicked out of office
What happened to Abigail after the trials ended? She became a prostitute.

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