The Crucible, Act 3 Test Review

Where does the third act take place? In the court room of Judge Danforth
Which characters visited the court to stop the trails? John Proctor, Giles Corey, Francis Nurse
What piece of evidence did Francis Nurse present to the court? A petition with over 90 signatures that says that the accused people are not witches
What does Judge Danforth do with Francis Nurse’s evidence? He has warrants written up for every person who signed it.
What evidence does Giles Corey present to the court? He has a written testimony that Thomas Putnam is using the trials to gain more land. The person who witnessed Putnam saying this is not named.
Why won’t Giles reveal the name of the witness? Because he saw how the people who signed the petition were jailed, and does not want another person to be hurt.
What is Mary Warren asked to do, in order to prove that she is being honest? She is asked to faint, because she claimed that she faked that during the trials
Why is Elizabeth Proctor brought into court? To testify on whether of not John and Abigail had an affair
What does Elizabeth tell the court when she is called to testify? She tells the court that her husband did not have an affair with Abigail
When Mary testifies that the girls were lying, what is she asked to do? She is asked to faint, because it would prove that they were pretending when they fainted in court.
At the end of the third act, what does Reverend Hale do? He quits the court and denounces the proceedings as wrong.
What does Mary Warren do at the end of Act 3? She betrays Proctor by saying he bewitched her. She does this to protect herself and to go back to Abigail’s side.
What does Proctor declare at the end of Act 3? That God is dead.

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