The Crucible Act 3 Quiz

Why does Giles and Francis want to see Danforth? They want to prove that their wives are good women.
What does Mary tell Danforth? The girls are pretending and lying about seeing people with the Devil.
What is Parris’ argument against Proctor? Parris says that Proctor is trying to overthrow the court.
What did the paper that 91 people signed say? That the wives of Proctor, Nurse, and Giles are good women with upstanding reputations.
Why did Danforth grant Elizabeth extra time? Elizabeth has said that she is pregnant in court.
What quote did Proctor use to help Mary remain brave? “Do that which is good, and no harm will come to thee.”
What is Hale’s problem as Proctor and his friends present evidence to Danforth? Hale begins to realize that the people who had been accused could be innocent.
Of what does Giles accuse Putnam? Giles accuses Putnam of killing his neighbors for their land.
Hathorne thinks of a test for Mary. What is it? Hathorne asks Mary to faint, as she fainted in the courtroom numerous times.
What do the girls do to Mary? The girls pretend that her spirit is coming to get them.
When asked why Abigail was released from her service, what did Elizabeth respond? Elizabeth said that she was dissatisfied of Abigail. When she was sick, she thought John fancied Abigail, but that John was NOT a lecher/cheater.
What happens to Proctor? John Proctor is put into jail for contempt of the court and suspicious activities.

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