The Crucible Act 3 – Questions

he told her she was reading books so he didn’t trust her. Why does Giles say that he “broke charity”” with is wife?
Salem court house What is the specific setting of Act 3?
he’s on the side of the doubted and sees the past all the girls lies How has Rev. Hale changed since we last saw him?
She knows the truth on what they did in the forest. Why is Mary Warren’s testimony critical for Hale, Proctor, Nurse, and Corey?
Witchcraft wasn’t real and the girls were pretending. What does Mary Warren tell Govenor Danforth?
the wives of hiis friends were still charged Why does Proctor not drop the charges against the court when he hears that his wife is pregnant and will be spared for at least a year?
the victim and the witch Danforth tells Hale that witchcraft is ipso facto or by the fact an invisible crime. Therefore there is no physical evidence. Who can be the only witness?
He is trying to suggest that John Proctor isn’t a good Christian man. Why does Parris bring up the fact that John Proctor does not attend church on a regular basis?
He charges that Putnam has encouraged his daughter to get large land owners. What is the charge that Giles Corey makes against Putnam?
The proof is that he saw a guy who heard Putnam say it. but he doesn’t want to say it to go to jail. What is Giles Corey proof for his charge, and why will he not supply the proof to the court?
Abigail looks so young and innocent Why does Danforth find it hard to believe that Abigail could be pretending and in effect be a murderer?
He thinks Mary looks more suspicious. How does Danforth questioning of Mary Warren differ from the questioning of Abigail?
She can’t see spirits. Why can’t Mary faint when asked by the court?
She responds by accusing Danforth and then acts as if a spirit is attacking her. When Abigail is questioned by Danforth how does she respond?
He’s facing charges of lechery and severe punishment by law. In calling Abigail a *****, what charge and punishment does Proctor open to himself? Why has he made this confession?
She asks if her husbands guilty. She lies and says no. What test is Elizabeth given, and how does she fail it? why?
She becomes frightened when all the girls mimic her. What finally causes Mary Warren to agree with Abigail?
Proctor & Gile Corey are put to jail. hale leaves the court rooms and quits. Mary warren starts accusing Proctor. On what dramatic note does Act III end ?
Proctor damned the court and ripped the warrant for Elizabeth’s arrest. What information does Cheever relay to Danforth that could hurt Proctor’s credibility in the eyes of the court?
He did not see anyone naked in the woods. What does Parris lie about in Act 3?
Proctor and Abigail had a brief affair. What important secret does John Proctor reveal to the court in Act 3 regarding his relationship with Abigail?
Hale What character denounced the proceeding and quit the court at the end of Act 3?
God is Dead Proctor says this at the end of Act 3.
Elizabeth loves her husband For THIS REASON, Elizabeth tells Danforth a lie – despite being under oath to tell the truth .
guts and gall Based on her interactions with Danforth, Abigail displays these traits in Act 3.

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