the crucible act 3

why do Giles and Francis want to talk to Danforth? they want to save their wives.
how is the language of Danforth different that the language of the townspeople? Danforth is educated.
what does Giles Cory’s behavior reveal about his character? he is very protected. he’s a good guy, but he is easily angered.
what is Parris’ argument against Proctor? Parris says that Proctor is trying to overthrow the court.
when Danforth hears that Elizabeth is pregnant, what does he allow? he allows Elizabeth to live another year until she has her baby.
what paper did 91 people sign? that the people were innocent.
over and over, Danforth says that the good have nothing to fear. what evidence can you give to show that the opposite is true? all the people are innocent, but they still get accused.
Danforth says “…a person is either with this court or he must be counted against it, there is no road between.” explain why this is important. either people were witches or they weren’t. if one opposed the court, one will be in contempt.
Danforth gives the promise for judging a witch. summarize his guidelines. you can only use the victim to judge.
judging by his response to Parris, what seems to be Danforth’s opinion of the Reverend? He’s on the same side as Parris.
what quote did Proctor use to help Mary remain brave? “do that which is good, and no harm will come to thee.”
of what does Giles accuse Putnam? he accuses him of killing his neighbors for there land.
what is Hale’s problem as Proctor and his friends present evidence to Danforth? Hale begins to realize that Proctor and his friends have a valid point and that the people who had been accused and sentenced so far could have been innocent.
Mary Warren’s testimony is destroyed in the end because she cannot do something. what is that? how does she explain the problem? she has to be able to faint. she can’t faint because she is too nervous.
proctor finally admits that he and Abigail had an affair. this could have been the end of Abigail’s control. why isn’t it? she avoids the question.
Danforth tests Proctor’s statement by calling Elizabeth, what does she say? why? she lies to protect John, saying she only thought he had “turned” from her.
what do the girls do to Mary? what is her response? they pretend that spirit is coming to get them. Mary tells them to stop it but when they don’t, she ends up breaking down and joining them.
what happens to Proctor? he is valid for his contempt of the court and his suspicious actions.
what does Hale do? he quits the court.
what is the importance of John Proctor’s last speech in Act III? it’s important because it lets us know that he knows what the court in Salem is doing wrong and that they will all be punished for allowing innocent people to die.

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