The Crucible Act 3 & 4

Giles, Proctor, and Francis come to the court to prove that their wives are innocent
A conflict between Giles and Putnam drives the plot of the drama forward when Giles says Thomas Putnam wants George’s land
The plot of the drama moves forward through dialogue when Mary says that she can no longer lie
Proctor finally tells about his affair with Abigail to save Elizabeth
Why is Giles Corey afraid to reveal the names of the people who are his witnesses? Giles is afraid that they will be arrested
To avoid being questioned about the truth of her accusations, Abigail suggests that she will accuse Danforth of being possessed
If someone is contentious, he or she has a tendency to quarrel
Deference means respect; courtesy
Imperceptible means so slight as to be barely noticeable
immacualte is having no stain or blemish; pure
anarchy chaos; disorder
adamant insistent about an opinion
subservient subordinate
Danforth does not want Hale in the jail because he has no authority in the jail
Parris wants Hale to come to the jail to make people confess
What evidence does Parris give that the townspeople do not support the trials? very few people come to Proctor’s excommunication
Why does Danforth insist that Proctor sign the confession? the town must know that he has confessed.
Which of Parris’s actions help you draw the conclusion that his conscience may be bothering him? he is weeping constantly
What conflict between Danforth and Parris drives the plot forward in Act 4? They argue about postponing the hangings
Hale asks Elizabeth to encourage Proctor to lie because he believes that dying for pride is worse than lying
Proctor refuses to say that he saw anyone else with the Devil because he does not want to ruin anyone’s name [reputation/ legacy]
A “wild terror and boundless anger” rise within Proctor after he signs the confession because he will not have his name used in a lie
Mary Warren frames Elizabeth by giving her a poppet with a needle stuck inside
What is the last we hear about Abigail Williams? She stole money from her uncle and most likely boarded a ship
How did Giles Corey die? stones were placed on him one by one
Why was Elizabeth’s trial delayed? she was pregnant
The final image of the play is the rising sun on Elizabeth’s face
What religion did the people of Salem practice? Puritanism
Who is best considered the protagonist of the play John Proctor
pretense a false appearance or action intended to deceive

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